Email Marketing Tips for small businesses

The transition from a small business – like an affiliate site – to a small, successful business stands in the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns that are being developed. The “big sharks” in the digital marketing industry have rock star teams that plan and execute every campaign flawlessly, but what happens if you’re an affiliate marketer and you don’t have their resources? In order for you to succeed, you must begin to learn affiliate marketing strategies that involve using an email list. One of the biggest mistakes the small and even medium scale companies make is to consume a lot of their time tracking the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns. Here’s what you can do in order to have a successful email marketing campaign and stop wasting time on useless activities:


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List building and segmentation

The first thing you need to do is to build an email list. There’s no better way to learn affiliate marketing strategies that bring you lots of income than by doing very basic actions such as this one. This first step is important because the quality of your email list will eventually decide the ROI of your future email campaigns. Participate in tradeshows, place a subscription form your website, consider entering a referral program; so much more things can be done to create a strong email list.

The importance of the Email Service Provider

One of the most common mistakes made by the beginners and small companies, is to rely on outlook, yahoo or gmail to send their email marketing campaigns. Never do that is you want to have a successful business. Learn affiliate marketing the right way and create the best campaigns! To be more specific, for an effective email marketing, select a right ESP (email service provider) depending on what your needs are. The popular mail providers work very well when they are used in personal purposes, but you cannot rely on them for marketing campaigns. For your business resort to ESP like MailChimp, iContact, Campaign Monitor etc. These are the services to work with in order to deliver a personalized campaign.

What’s trending

People respond to trends. Either they embrace them or they reject them entirely, but they are never immune to what’s trending. If your emails are not personalized and mapped for your buyer persona or your segments, your campaign will fail, no questions about it. Another important lesson when you learn affiliate marketing strategies is to use action buttons, quick pay email forms, text to call and other functionalities that are popular at the moment. Always use an attractive design, copy and call to action, to engage your customers and generate the leads you want.


Everyone who wants to learn affiliate marketing tactics must know that the holy bible of this niche is to use A/B testing. You must send a well-tested email to your customers because no one has time to deal with your bugs. Make sure everything looks and works smoothly.

Receiving the email

You may create the best possible campaign, but it may be useless if it doesn’t pass the spam protocols. With changing ISP algorithms, spam acts and rules of individual countries, it’s imperative to want a higher sender score, a good domain reputation and a low spam or complaint rate. Monitor the critical factors like bounce rate, open rate, engagement levels because these are a way to understand how you can constantly improve yourself in order to be attractive to your clients.

To wrap things up

These are just some tips on how you can create a great email marketing campaign. Having an effective strategy will help you stand out and differentiate you from the competitors. Even the big companies were once beginners and had their share of mistakes before being able to master the art of creating marketing campaigns. Experiment and adapt the results to your own needs and, in time, you’ll grow from small to big. All it takes is ambition!