Facebook Advertising Facts that you need to know!

Facebook is now part of our daily life and no one can deny that. While regular people use it in personal purposes, companies rely on it for advertising their services. This happens because the social platform plays a huge role in our lives.

Having a good digital advertising strategy can make a difference in a company’s success on the market. Facebook is relatively easy to use, both in personal ways as in promotional purposes. For a better understanding of the most used online platform, here are some interesting facts about Facebook Advertising:


Facebook has more than 2 million active advertisers

And you’re one of them! According to business2community.com, in February 2015 Facebook had more than 2 million advertisers who used its services. In such a competitive and dynamic environment, you have to deliver high quality messages to be able to stand out from the crowd.


More than 700 million mobile users visit Facebook daily

Each day, more and more people visit Facebook from a mobile phone. It’s mandatory for your website to be mobile-friendly.


Lower your CPSs on Facebook ads by targeting custom audiences

When you target your ad by customer audience instead of category or interest, the cost-per-click will be 14% lower. Also, the cost-per-convention becomes 64%.


21% of fans Like a certain page just so they can do research on the service or product

If users are interested in what you advertise, they will do their own research.


75% of a post’s total engagement is made in the first 5 hours

It’s very important to know when to post on Facebook. Make sure you deliver quality content, as this is crucial in keeping your fans interacting with you.


Emoticons increase engagement

They may seem childish, but emoticons can help your brand appear “human”. For example, a post that used emoticons has 57% higher rates in Likes, 33% rates in Shares and 33% higher in comments.


Facebook video plays are growing 758% year by year

This happens thanks to Facebook’s Autoplay setting. When the video starts automatically, there’s a higher chance that the user will stick around and watch it.


35% of fans Liked the page just to enter a contest

A great way to increase the fan base is to offer contests. Once you got them to Like your page, make sure you deliver engaging content so they stick around.


Out of four people who write complaints on a page, one expects an answer within an hour

Pay attention to the observations made by the fans. If they are satisfied with the way you interact to them, most surely they will talk about you to their friends.


A short post has 60% more engagement

A post limited to 250 characters of lower will get fans to engage more to it.


The best day for users to post, Like and comment: Friday

Thank God Is Friday! The fifth day of the week makes the users feel more sociable and engaging. After all, this day marks the end of the workweek and everybody is happier.


If used wisely, Facebook helps businesses and brands interact with their fans and, also, gain new ones. It’s easy, you just have to know how to do it.