Google changes the rules of the ad clicks on mobile

We’ve all done it! Scrolled on the phone and, accidentally, clicked on an ad in an article. As the ad did not close while trying to scroll past it, we kept on insisting. Most likely, the ad was located right where the thumb instinctively hits the screen to swipe upon the screen. The swipes were being treated as taps, loading the advertiser’s website each time. This is annoying for the user and a waste of money for the advertiser. Can this be of any importance to you, if you’re only interested in online gaming affiliate programs? If you consider mobile advertising, yes!

Google changes mobile online marketing news

Mobile ads and affiliates

The accidental clicks that are given on a mobile display are a huge problem for the advertising industry. If you are an affiliate, no matter if you are partner of the gaming affiliate programs of other niches, this is addressed to you as well!

Regarded as a true problem by many, the thumb, the display, the swipe and the mobile have been addressed by Google itself. The online giant has announced several new changes to try to reduce accidental clicks on mobile display. Every marketer who uses ads on its mobile site should know what will happen from now on:

  • The taps close to the edge of an image ad won’t be considered clicks. Google had identified the border area particularly prone to accidental clicks during scrolling;
  • For in-app install ads interstitial ads, users won’t be able to click on the app icon because the close button is overlaid on that image. If you’re interested in online gaming affiliate programs and want to use mobile ads for your site, it’s good to know that from now on mobile users will need to click the Call-To-Action button to complete the action required by the ad.
  • The ads will be clickable only after they’ve spent “a short period of time” on the screen. Although it’s not clear how long is that, Google says the delay is to allow users “enough time to examine the content of the ad” and decide if they want to proceed or simply close the ad. A piece of information highly useful for the affiliates that use mobile ads on their websites! Everyone involved with the best paying affiliate programs or the gaming affiliate programs should know the changed Google made to the mobile ads!

A final swipe

The overall opinion of the industry is that these are all good changes! Although the app icon was once considered a click when the close button was positioned right on top of it, now this “situation” has been addressed by Google! If you are involved in the online gaming affiliate programs and running Google display ads, you should take this changes into consideration when reporting clicks and click-through rates.