Google will merge Android and Chrome OS by 2017

Google has two operating systems: Chrome and Android. This will change by the year 2017 because the giant is working on merging the two OS together. This is important news for the best affiliate sites, as their work is supported online by Chrome and/ or Android operating system. Rumors about this movement were circulating for a while, and it seems they were eventually confirmed by the latest announcement. The first peak of this brand new OS combination will be given in 2016.

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Two become one

Having a lot of things to manage can be quite difficult at times, no matter how good you are at what you’re doing. The best affiliate sites surely know how hard it is to maintain and coordinate lots of great project at once. In the spirit of this, Chrome will be folded into Android, because Android proved to be the dominant operating system. The change implies that Android has to be set up to run on laptops and desktop computers, because now the OS only runs on smartphones and tablets. All of its featured app will be rebranded and given new names.

The big move is caused by the fact that Google wants to make an effort to reduce the number of independent platforms it has to maintain. It’s a situation that the best affiliate sites are familiar with: merging two good services into one.

Android and Chrome

Android runs on more than a billion devices and is the single most popular end-user operating system, with more than 16 million apps. On the other hand, Chrome has shown that web-based are sufficient enough for plenty of desktop users. While Android has multiple versions that are difficult to upgrade, Chrome OS updates all versions on all of its systems. If Google will get the vendors to update their Android devices using Chrome operating system upgrade methods, Android will instantly be given a boost of security.

One of the leading Android developers, Google engineer Hiroshi Lockheimer, said that the combined management of both Android and Chrome OS makes it “easier to implement cross-platform features such as the ability to use an Android phone to unlock a Chromebook”. Bottom line: the merge is beneficial for the people who run these operating systems. It’s all good for the best affiliate sites as well, because a merge will bring an improvement, which is always welcomed.

In conclusion

Enjoy Android, enjoy Chrome while you can, because they will soon become a combined OS. The best affiliate sites should take notice of this announcement and prepare themselves for what’s coming. As an affiliate, will have to rethink your strategy and adapt it to the new rules.