How To Choose Profitable Keywords For Making Money

Keywords are vital in internet marketing for targeted web traffic on the internet. You can make money online by using proper keywords with SEO (search engine optimization) or PPC (pay per click) or both. All internet marketers know both SEO and PPC deal with many factors of a website.

While optimizing a website, webmaster must select proper keywords for the website which they try to optimize.Selecting the proper keyword is not hard, you should ask yourself the following question: if I go to a search engine and I type what I search for a website. Choosing proper keywords are important to generate targeted traffic to your website and you make sales on the internet. A first page of search engines for the profitable keywords are really like having pure money in your pocket.

As in search engines, the keywords are critical to the success of your business with either SEO or PPC. Finding the proper keyword is the key to being able to boost your website to the next level and you make sales on the internet.

1. Pay Per Click

PPC is an internet marketing method which allows you to generate instant and targeted traffic to your website. Major search engines run PPC service such as Google, Yahoo and Live (formerly MSN). They are able to display your ads in real time as far as your budget.To make an ad to appear in the first page of a search engine for that keyword, the current minimum bid is anywhere from $0.05 to $10 per click. It depends on how many marketers are competing for the keyword and how much they pay for it.

What you want to do for you own campaigns is shoot for the lowest minimum bid possible, while your website is still getting the targeted traffic. For example, you can bid $0.05 on a keyword where the minimum bid is $2.00. But, what happens is that your ad never displayed on the first page of a search engine, so the ad never get many clicks.

Use phrases match whenever you want to get targeted traffic from profitable keyword variations which are relevant to your market. In order to avoid getting hits on untargeted phrases, you will need to enter in “negative” keywords that you want to exclude from triggering your ad. For example: “free” word.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Writing the keyword in a page many times is called SEO. A top 10 position of major search engines for the proper keyword can make sales on the internet and you make money. As in natural SEO way, the optimized keyword is critical to the success of your website.

Keywords with 3 words in a phrase are far easier to get top ranking than the 2 words, so you are first aiming for. Those keywords provide great short term success which can be built on for long term your business. You need go to a search engine then type in a keyword to find out how many pages are competing for the keyword. If a keyword has more than one word, type the keyword in quote. This way ensure you get of the competitiveness of that keyword is more accurate. You are going to say that you want to look for over 1,000 – 5,000 searches per month. Remember, you only need targeted visitors in a month to make sales on the internet.

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