How to create and maintain a healthy email list

One of the biggest challenges that affiliates who use email marketing encounter is lifting a list off the ground and then keep it growing. For the new affiliates in particular, creating a list from scratch can cause nightmares. But even the experienced and wealthy affiliates find it hard to keep a list healthy, in an industry where lists churn considerably each year. This is a struggle that it’s definitely worth it, as email marketing is better than social media in generating leads! Everything is explained in this article. See what you can do to grow and keep your email campaigns on course.

How do the wealthy affiliates handle their email lists

Organic is good

When dealing with email marketing, there are two ways in which you can grow an email list: organic and inorganic. Inorganic means that the list was bought. Avoid buying an email list at all costs. If those subscribers have not deliberately signed up for your emails, they will probably never respond to your offers or, worse, mark you as spam and you’re path to becoming a wealthy affiliate will be seriously broken. You’ve probably guessed by now that organic is the best way to go.

There are a few ways in which you can build an email list. The first thing to be done is to make sure that you are collecting email addresses at any point on your affiliate site. If someone is visiting your site and sticks around to read the information you provide, she or he’s obviously a person who belongs on your list.

Easy to Sign Up

Placing an easy-to-see signup for email will have a positive impact on your site. By putting this important feature in a key spot, your visitors will easily see that they can join the community and receive regular information from you. If you are able to offer your visitors some perks in exchange for their email address, don’t hesitate to do it! The visitors should know about the amazing benefits of joining your list. But a word of caution, straight from the wealthy affiliates: these email addresses may not be good candidates for a long-term relationship. How can you see that? After you’ve captured the email addresses it’s time to focus on qualifying and retaining the addresses. Now ask yourself “What happens when someone signs up?”. The best thing that you can do is to use a double opt-in email which forces users to click a link after signing up to confirm their email address. It’s something that all of the wealthy affiliates do. It’s true that this can affect the immediate growth, but is the safest way to make sure the people on your list actually want to be there.

Test the people

Another thing that you can do is to take extra care of your new subscribers. Most of the affiliates have at least one welcoming email thanking their new subscriber for joining and offering the promised perks. Now let’s see how the wealthy affiliates handle this situation: Instead of having the one-step welcome, they send two to six more messages to a user, promoting different sections of the site. In these messages, the wealthy affiliates offer value beyond just sale information, redirect the people to their social pages and, most importantly, provide the user with clear information on how to update its preferences. If the user doesn’t open a single one of those emails, it becomes crystal clear that they’re never going to open an email, so you should treat that address as a black hole.

A last message

It’s important that your users have a positive experience while they spend their time on your website. If you have a subscriber who hasn’t opened your emails for the past three months, better stop sending them messages and, instead, send them down a re-engagement path, which will encourage them to update their preferences. When you send the right email at the right time, your whole marketing campaign can be a highly successful one! Make the effort because having a great email list is more than rewarding!