How to diversify your affiliate content

When a new year begins, people usually make plans and predictions for the 12 months that will unfold. These schemes are usually made about personal dreams and wishes, but there are plenty of us who think about their professional. Having ambitions regarding your career as an affiliate is perfectly normal, some may say it is actually advised. As 2016 just kicked in, let’s see what you can do to diversify your affiliate content and, by doing so, attracting new precious leads and conversions. If you’re finding yourself as a new affiliate in the fresh month of January, don’t worry about a thing, as we have plenty of “affiliate marketing for dummies” articles that can answer all of your questions regarding this activity!

Become a wealthy affiliate yourself by using the strategy presented here

A strong base

Most of the affiliate marketing for dummies articles will tell you that blog posts are the core of a brilliant activity as an affiliate. The best way to establish a strong affiliate blog base is by maintaining a consistent blog schedule. Create a content calendar for your affiliate blog, stick to it, follow a good amplification strategy and you will build a strong readership base that will stick by your side over the years. The recipe of success is really simple: work consistently! In numbers: blogs that publish more than 16 posts per month receive 3.5x the traffic and 4.5x the leads of peer blogs that publish less than 5 new posts per month.


It’s good to maintain your online identity, but it’s great to be able to be able to reinvent yourself! This doesn’t mean that you should change your affiliate blog to the core, simply to reinvent it from time to time, keeping in mind what the affiliate marketing for dummies guide advices. We live in fast moving times and everything around us changes bit by bit each day. According to the affiliate marketing for dummies books, these are the best methods in which you can innovate and maintain your audience’s attention:

  • Testimonials;
  • Ebooks;
  • Videos;
  • Infographics;
  • Graphic visuals;

It doesn’t mean that you should apply all of these at once. Keep this list in mind when you create your affiliate blog schedule and adapt the suggestions accordingly.

Get niched

Diversify your promotion strategy and open new doors by putting your work on new, niche, social channels. Stick to the classics, like Facebook and Twitter, but remain open to the idea of expanding beyond the status quo. Do some research about your target audience and learn about their preferences when it comes to social platforms. Think of yourself as an affiliate hipster, explore places that most people haven’t even heard of. By the time the niche platforms will become popular, you’ll be already an established user.

A final thought

A new year will bring new challenges, that’s for sure! In 2016, you’ll need to find a strategy that will make your blog stand out from the crowd. These simple guidelines will help you remain original and be innovative in your work as an affiliate. You can always check other affiliate marketing for dummies articles that can be found on our blog. Good luck!