How to gain the public’s attention

Paying attention to the way in which the public interacts with you is important for an online business. It’s the finer details that make the difference between the top affiliate networks and the regular ones. There is one thing that can help you become a wealthy affiliate, it you know how to treat it right: we’re talking about the attention! Being the center of attention as an affiliate is always a good thing and can easily separate you from the pack. But how can you get the attention you want from the general public? Here are a few ideas that might be useful:

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Types of attention

As recent studies have shown, there are three types of attention:

  • Immediate attention. This is the immediate and automatic reaction people have when they see something, they hear something or they feel a stimulus. This is a fascinating reaction and it’s still under research why this works how it works.
  • Short attention. This is the second stage of attention. The researches done by the top affiliate networks have shown that that’s when people start consciously focusing on something. A good example is when people start reading a story.
  • Long attention. Also called long-term interest in a subject, this final stage of attention is often overlooked by everyone. In simple words, it’s the difference between listening to a song on the radio and becoming a hardcore fan of the musician.

These three stages are chronological and you’ll need all of them to get and keep the attention of the public, but you don’t necessarily need all of the triggers.

How the top affiliate networks use triggers

The most used way to trigger attention is storytelling. You can tell a suspense story within an advertisement. People will see it as a better, more thoughtful ad than a plain and simple one. In their mind, your site is more complex and, therefore, more interesting than other sites. It’s important not to draw attention over yourself, but upon the products and services you promote.

As an affiliate, it’s good to have the attention of the public. In fact, this is something that’s recommended by the top affiliate networks. If you get the much wanted attention, you will attract more people on your site and you will generate more leads.

In conclusion

One of the best way to automatically get attention is to be a reputable affiliate. You know how every affiliate looks and pays attention to the top affiliate networks, well, this can happen to you also if you start focusing in becoming a reputable affiliate site. People automatically pay attention to experts, authority figures. The public pays differential respect to experts, that’s why you should start focusing in delivering good quality content on your affiliate site. Building a reputation requires creating content. Yes, it’s that easy! Good luck!