How to have a successful affiliate business with Geotargeting

How to have a successful affiliate business with Geo-targetingHaving high expectations and setting ambitious goals for your affiliate business? Here’s a golden rule to help you succeed: make sure to reach your audience as best as possible at all times! But to accomplish this, you’ll need something more besides link building persistence or using the best marketing materials out there, and that is geo-targeting!

How does geo-targeting work?

The time of universally targeted advertisements is long gone. Now, online businesses are all about extremely effective tools that focus on specific markets and have relevant ads which appear only to users from their desired locations.

Geo-targeting is meant to work based on a geo-location software or application that can determine one’s IP address, country, state, city, zip code and many other different criteria. Having access to all this useful information, the only thing left is to provide each of your visitors with relevant content – specific content that they actually need at that time and place.

As for the costs of acquiring such software for your business, they can be as low as you’d want them to be, since there are also some great free options to consider!

Impress your readers with targeted design!

As an affiliate who promotes online casino and online bingo sites, implementing geo-targeting for your own business will give you infinite possibilities. Start by imagining how it would be not greeting all your visitors with the same generic design!

Geo-targeting gives you the possibility to have custom designed landing pages for the top countries that bring in your traffic. And if that sounds too complicated, then why not use different versions of pop-up windows, specific to their geographical location? This will surely impress your new visitors and with a simple recommendation, you’ll make it easier for them to continue towards the best parts of your site!

Give special promotions for the right visitors!

Indeed, this is yet another advantage that geo-targeting offers you. Don’t miss the opportunity to work with your Account Manager on some special bonus offers for particular niches of your target audience.

As an affiliate, you’d want to market specific content to your readers, based on their IP address. So if you run an online business that welcomes casino and bingo players from around the world, consider segmenting your promos by country or region. Each country is unique, so why not have the advantage of running different currencies, languages or even limited time offers based on specific time zones?

Tools for geo-targeting to get you started!

Social media has its own features that allow you to promote your affiliate campaigns directly to the target audience. Some of the best results come from well-known platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, which aren’t just social networks anymore, but business opportunities of engaging with your current and new followers:

  • Set up your site’s geo-targeting in Google Webmaster Tools and select the country or region that your affiliate business is focused on;
  • Facebook has the option to target your posts by location, language, interests, gender and many others, thus having the possibility of promoting your content to specific groups of people;
  • The newest feature from Twitter of promoted tweets helps you reach relevant international audiences with the best precision;
  • Look for WordPress plugins that have the ability to display or hide custom content based on your visitors’ location.

Maximize your CTR!

Geo-targeting would be pointless if we don’t measure our affiliate campaigns’ success as well, and the click-through-rate is one of those important indicators to consider. Your CTR will surely go through the roof if you use tools and platforms like the ones above! And needless to say, geo-targeting softwares help you make more money as you won’t waste your advertising spaces with banners which are not within your geographical range!

If you’re still not convinced, think of higher conversion rates for your campaigns, improved and relevant traffic and even lower bounce rates, since you’re attracting the right prospective players for the sites you’re advertising. Give your readers relevant targeted content and they’ll definitely come back for more!

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