How to improve your landing pages

One of the main traits that all successful people have in common is the desire to continually improve their knowledge and work. It’s what the best affiliate sites do to stay at the top of their game. As an affiliate, you know how important the landing pages are! The word was that Google hates landing pages, but the truth is that Google hates low quality landing pages with no value, just a call to action and a conversion link. Improving the overall quality of your landing pages is not difficult! Here’s what you should do!

The secrets of the top affiliate programs

The requirements

The first thing you should do to improve your landing pages is to make sure that you follow Google’s general guidelines. All of the best affiliate sites create their strategies around the following rules:

  • This rules doesn’t need much explanation, other than the fact that the content you post on your affiliate site should not appear elsewhere in Google’s index;
  • Make sure that if a user enters your landing page he or she will be provided with what the page promises. If your content is about another subject, it means you’re giving your users a poor experience. The best affiliate sites make sure their users benefit from the best possible experience. Learn from the best and try to do the same thing;
  • Even if you have posts relevant to the link that brings users to that specific page, if the content doesn’t offer actual information or usable points it’s a poor experience for the users.

Apart from the general guidelines, Google is also asking for transparency. The affiliate site you run must put forth plenty of information about the product or services you provide and its features. For example, if you are hiding your features or pricing behind an opt-in form, Google will penalize you.

Another important thing that Google appreciates is the user experience. If the best affiliate sites could structure their work to comply with Google’s rules, so can you! You must know that landing pages that are completely detached from the rest of your site may seem like a good funnel. But, in fact, these distractions are not encouraging users to stick around on your site. It’s important to make your landing pages part of your affiliate site.

The outcome

If you follow Google’s basic requirements, you will be appreciated and “rewarded” according to your true efforts. A good idea is to follow and outcome what the best affiliate sites are doing with their landing pages. Do what’s in your power to pack value and relevance to your landing page. It’s all about providing information necessary to convince viewers why they need your product or service.