How to improve your social media reach – Part 1

Every single person you know has at least one social media account. Impressive, yeah, but what does this mean for your work as an affiliate? Well, it means that you can spread your message across a large audience and gain lots by doing so! Social media has redefined how we interact and how we share information. Today, the best affiliate marketing sites know that the reach on social media has become more important than ever. Revenue Giants is here to help you amplify your social media reach! All you have to do is to follow the tips described in the article below:

These methods are used by the best affiliate marketing sites


While there’s a whole conspiracy theory behind the idea that if you post too often you will actually lose more, the reality is not as bad. Yes, if you publish dozens of posts in five minutes, you will turn people off. This is an annoying and ineffective strategy, and the best affiliate marketing sites know this. Instead of posting everything at once, you should schedule numerous posts throughout the day. This approach is far more effective!

Grow your targeted audience

A targeted audience is a group of people who are truly interested in your affiliate work. You can easily grow your audience by finding influential people in your niche and following those people’s followers. Quick tip: follow those people whose ratios indicate that they are likely to respond to your follow by following you back as well.

Post beautiful images

Fact: Absolutely no one wants to see ugly pictures! People want to see beautiful pictures that make them feel good. Social media has a fair share of good and bad pictures. The best affiliate marketing sites know that a decent picture is not enough to make the cut. They focus on posting stunning pictures. Don’t pick the first picture you see on Google images, put a bit of effort in finding a good image to share with your audience. They will love that!

Valuable content

There are plenty of people that visit a social media account and are never to be seen again on that place. Why? Because they are not satisfied with the information they see on that account. To prevent that from happening to you, you must post only valuable content. Quick tip: the best affiliate marketing sites share with their audience the articles that they see as valuable or fascinating. You should do the same.

In conclusion

Social media is great, but shouldn’t stick to only one platform! The best affiliate marketing sites know that not everyone uses the same social networks. Some people use Twitter, others use Facebook and some of them swear by Instagram. Few people spend an equal amount of time on all of their social media accounts. You must be active on several platforms, because this will allow you to reach a larger audience.

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