How to improve your social media reach – Part 2

As we’ve previously discussed in the first part of this article, social media has a huge influence on your work as an affiliate. The best affiliate marketing sites have picked up on this and they are adjusting their strategies accordingly. One of the best things you can do when dealing with social media platforms is to interact with your audience. No matter the size of your audience, there are people in it that are grateful that you took your time to respond to their posts. A simple conversation can lead to a strong relationship! Let’s see what other actions you can take to amplify your social media reach:

These methods are used by the best affiliate marketing sites

Be up close and personal

This may be one of the most underrated ways to increase your social media reach. People want to feel a personal connection to you. As more individuals get impacted by your message and enjoy the work you provide, some of them may want to know more about you. By applying a personal touch to your posts, you will allow your audience to know more about who you are. This “up close and personal” tactic is used by the best affiliate marketing sites. It’s the best way to create a special bond to their followers. Maybe it’s time to start doing this yourself.


Not everyone has the same schedule or routine during the day, this is quite obvious. So while you’re sleeping, some people may have their morning coffee in front of the computer, while browsing their social media accounts. This is happening in different places of the world while you dream about being a wealthy affiliate. To help you make your dreams come true, it’s time to start automatizing your posts. All of the best affiliate marketing sites are doing it. Social media platforms are offering the tools necessary to make this possible. You don’t need to be an ace in geography to be successful on social media, but if you aim for an international audience, you need to increase your awareness to the fact that the world has different time zones.

Promote landing pages on social media

If you have a big email list, you have the advantage of being able to connect all of the promotions of your social networks in one place. On the email list you can promote your latest posts on any social media accounts you possess. Landing pages are highly important components in making your email list grow, all the best affiliate marketing sites know this! Based on this, what better place to promote your landing page to the audiences you already have already built on social media platforms!?

In conclusion

Another important feature that can help you grow your social media reach is the picture you choose for your avatar. Just look at the profile pictures that the best affiliate marketing sites use on their accounts! Every good affiliate knows that the ideal avatar for getting more followers would be a picture of their logo. Make these changes and you will see an improvement in your social media reach!