How to increase your bingo conversion rate slowly but steadily


It is a known fact that online bingo generates a solid revenue that is more or less stable in terms of money and acquired players. Your bingo conversion rate is an important part of the affiliate marketing industry and should never be neglected, especially when there are so many strategies that can be put into practice to boost your current player base. Whether you are new to the bingo market or you are looking for ways to attract new players and improve your conversion rate, there are some tricks you can follow in order to carry out your plan.



A steady revenue comes from a steady partner

If you are labeling the bingo players as old women, computer illiterate and eager to find entertainment, you are totally wrong. Most players are competent internet users, have been navigating the system for a long time and have experience with various games, this means that they are not limited to bingo. They recognize a valuable product from a less qualitative one and they will always go for quality instead of quantity.

This being said, a good bingo program should be on top of your priority list, as this is a crucial factor when it comes to converting the potential players. Do your research, read all the reviews, don’t rely on just a few opinions, go all the way and take a look at as many as you can. After all, this helps your conversion rate, but it also makes it easier for you to collect your revenues!

Take into account the profile of the bingo player

As mentioned before, do not underestimate the bingo players, those misconceptions could cost you a drop in the number of visitors and, therefore, you risk losing money. The following questions should be answered:

  • Where are the majority of players coming from?
  • What’s the profile of the average bingo player – age, sex, education?

Correctly targeting your players leads to better understanding the bingo world and its potential, which subsequently results in higher revenues!

Run tests

Testing and tracking the results are key elements when you are planning to put into practice a strategy. If you have already built up your tactic, it is useful to put yourself in the player’s shoes and think alike. What should you focus on?

  • What social media network are your players visiting and why?
  • What is more likely to lead to conversions – tutorials or reviews?

If you find out where your traffic is coming from, it is easier to correctly make use of the strategy you have built! Run tests and don’t be afraid to experiment, the more insight you get, the less time you will have to spend attracting visitors!

Last, but not least…

Online bingo offers a world full of possibilities, and the most powerful tool at your disposal is the internet. In order to convey the message to your players and eventually boost your conversion rate, make use of all the tools and don’t hold back from experimenting!