How to use an online video to your advantage

Online videos are often used to illustrate the message you want to send to your audience. While funny videos are everybody’s cup of tea and they can easily go viral, it’s proven that the informative videos don’t have the same impact on the audience. It’s important to know when, how and where to use a video in order to gain maximum exposure and get the feedback you want from the viewers. Any wealthy affiliate knows that just making a video and posting it on your platform will not do you favors if it’s not used correctly. Let’s see how you can master the art of using an online video the right way.

Can online videos help you become a wealthy affiliate?

The value of an online video

You surely have heard about the value of online videos; it seems that everybody’s praising them. They make it seem like adding a video to your website will automatically generate tons of leads. In most cases, some add videos to their platform just because everyone else is doing it, or because they saw a competitor doing it and it looked good.

The truth is that just making a video and posting it to you website will do you no immediate favors. Any wealthy affiliate who uses online videos knows that these do not represent a strategy but just a tool used in a bigger marketing mechanism. It’s only a part of the process.

Use online videos to become a wealthy affiliate

Quite often, video marketing is seen as an overcomplicated expense, especially if you have limited resources and cash flow. In other words, you rather spend your budget on other marketing tools. That’s a shame because, when used properly, a great strategy that includes online videos can make you a wealthy affiliate.

Always remember that a video is much more easily assimilated by people than a text. A good marketing video can deliver your message and even solve your viewer’s problems, problems that they didn’t even know they have!

The best way to deliver a video with high quality content is to:

  1. understand your ideal demographic
  2. but the most important thing is not to alienate people outside of that

A video allows more flexibility and creativity than a text or an image alone. It would be ideal if you can turn these guidelines into a video!

The objective of a video

Before you commit yourself to integrate videos into your marketing strategy, think like any wealthy affiliate already does: what’s the objective you want to reach? Having set a clear objective and with an eye on tracking the results you are most likely to attract new clients. A video is easy to share, can be watched again and again and can be used on all the popular platform that people use these days, such as social media and email.

When done correctly, a video can help you grown your email base, viewers or customers. It will also stick in their memory, so they’ll more likely tell other people about it, this way creating brand awareness and attract additional customers for you. Just press Play!