How to use video content to generate leads

As an affiliate, you want to generate leads! You start by looking for the best paying affiliate programs to join and, after that, you start working towards fulfilling your goal. A good way to build a good online reputation and generate lots of leads is by using video content! Sure, it may require an effort on your behalf, but the results are definitely worth it! A video offers amazing opportunities to engage audiences and generate new and better leads. Here’s how you can use the video content to your advantage as an affiliate!

A video marketing strategy suggested by the best paying affiliate programs

Set up an email gate

The easiest way to gather prospects contact information is to set up an email gate at the beginning of the video. Asking the viewers to enter their email address before accessing the video allows you to create a new lead as soon as a prospect expresses interest. It might be hard to keep track of every potential lead’s video-viewing, but the leads it can generate can be a strong motivation. Just think about how much money you can make simply by being part of the best paying affiliate programs and with the leads generated through a good video marketing strategy.

Never fade to black

A big rule of video marketing is to not to let your video fade to black at the end! If the viewer had enough patience to see the video until the end, give them some direction on where to go next. You can either refer them to another video or to a related page of your site. The possibilities are endless! The best paying affiliate programs think about the customer’s journey and send them to an appropriate next step. Sure, engagement goes beyond the CTA at the end of a video. But once you know you have engaged prospects, examine their viewing data to know what they’ve watched. This is what will help you determine how to do a proper follow up.

The power of a video

By using a video, you can make data actionable and integrate it into your data-driven marketing strategy. When you add a video to your lead scoring rules, you’ll be moving leads to your affiliate site in no time! The experience of being enrolled in the best paying affiliate programs will be even more rewarding, financially speaking. Rich video engagement enables lots of opportunities for any affiliate site. You have the possibility to assign a multiplier based on the type of video you share, giving more weight to a product or service explainer than a basic introduction video. Another important thing to take into consideration is the period of time in which the videos were watched by a viewer. If someone watched all the videos within a 72-hour period, that person is most likely more interested than if they watched them over a few months.

Wrapping things up

Video marketing requires an effort on behalf of any affiliate, but unlike every other form of content you’re investing in, video will come with data that tells you if it’s working. And the leads generated are too good! Just imagine how much money you can make from the best paying affiliate programs and a well-thought video marketing strategy! Better start counting!