How to use your RSS to generate more traffic

The RSS may seem like a vintage marketing tool, but, even if it’s not that popular anymore, it can still be used to amplify the reach of your content. Despite what you may have read, RSS is not dead, in fact million people still use it. You can use this misconception in you advantage, by promoting the content of your website via the RSS feed. Just to see how many people are still using it, know that in 2013, when Google closed Google Reader, Feedly, one of the most popular RSS readers gained over 12 million users. The best affiliate marketing sites recommend using it, and since we pride ourselves in being a top affiliate site, we also recommend to all of our affiliates using RSS. Remember: you have nothing to lose if you use it, on the contrary!


How the best affiliate marketing sites handle the RSS

Find your RSS

First of all, you’ll need your RSS feed. If you use WordPress, as many of the affiliates do, self-hosted or the .com version, it’s simple. All you have to do is to add “/feed” at the end of your blog URL. If you have a Tumblr blog, add “/rss” at the end of your blog URL. If you encounter problems in finding your RSS, you can either install the RSS Subscription Google Chrome Extension, or simply contact a representative of the affiliate program you represent (all the best affiliate marketing sites should be able to give you guidance). To get the feed URL, click on the RSS icon available in your browser’s address bar.

Use the RSS to generate more traffic

Now that you found your RSS, it’s time to put it to use and generate even more traffic for your affiliate site. How? Here are some guaranteed methods that will amplify the visits on your website:

Promote your posts everywhere by using IFTTT

IFTTT is a tool that puts the internet to work for you. This service allows you to create recipes that are triggered each time a new post is added to you RSS feed.If you want to have one of the best affiliate marketing sites, and get huge ROI, we highly recommend using it. Now, to create a recipe with your RSS feed, start by choosing the feed. Next, you will choose the new feed item trigger and then enter your RSS feed URL. Now comes the “hard” part: you’ll select an action channel from over 150 channels. Let’s say you select Twitter -> You will choose the action to post a new tweet and then you will customize the tweet you want to post when a new feed item is published to your RSS feed. The tweet can be customized based on ingredients from your RSS feed. The last step is to name your recipe and save it. Each time new posts are published to your RSS feed, IFTTT will automatically tweet it using this recipe. Here are some more channels that you can set up by using this feature:

  • Feed to Blogger – It creates new posts on Blogspot blogs linking your newest posts
  • Feed to Delicious – It creates Delicious Bookmarks for your latest posts;
  • Feed to Facebook – Shares your latest posts to linked Facebook profiles and pages;
  • Feed to LinkedIn – It shares your newest posts to LinkedIn profiles;
  • Feed to WordPress – It creates new posts on WordPress blogs with links to your most recent posts.

Automatically send your latest posts to your Email list

You have the possibility to automatically send your latest posts to your email list by using an RSS to Email feature. This is what differentiate the best affiliate marketing sites from the others. Many email service providers, like GetResponse, have a RSS to Email option. By using this, you can automate an email to your email list each time a new post appears in your RSS feed. If you publish more than one post per day, you can select the daily digest option. People may unsubscribe from your emails if you bombard them with lots of posts each day. The best affiliate marketing sites shouldn’t spam their client base, so neither should you if you want to be able to monetize your list to its fullest.

Place your latest posts in Blog Comments

By now, you surely have seen blogs with a CommentLuv reference in the comment form. If you have, start commenting! By doing this, you’ll not only get a link to your website, but also a link from your latest blog post from your RSS feed. It’s an action that happens automatically because you will get the option to select one to ten of your recent posts. This is a great way of networking and it’s highly used by the affiliates of the best affiliate marketing sites. If you want to select a post from another RSS feed, but still link to your website, you can! It is possible by entering your RSS feed URL as your website URL. Choose the post you want to add to your comment and fill out the rest of the form, comment included. Right before you post your comment, change the website URL to your main site’s URL. Do not move the cursor in any other field and simply click the submit button. It’s posted! It’s that simple to slowly make your site one of the best affiliate marketing sites and become a top affiliate!

A final note

Remember that RSS is not dead! There are plenty of people who use it and you have the chance to reach them by using the traffic generating methods mentioned in this article. The best affiliate marketing sites would be proud to have you as an affiliate if you use these techniques to attract more traffic to your site! Keep in mind that the best affiliate programs want to see your site as one of the best affiliate marketing sites, and for this, you need to make use of all the tricks and tips that can bring you more traffic, more leads, more sales. By doing this, you’ll become a wealthy affiliate.