Information about YouTube Gaming that the best affiliate marketing sites should know

Google has launched YouTube Gaming, a gaming-focused video streaming service. The service is available on the web and also on Android and iOS apps. YT gaming is designed to be a one stop shop for people who look for gaming video content. Although it doesn’t involve their activity directly, the best affiliate marketing sites should be aware of this service’s existence. More information about the brand new online service in this article:

These may concern the top affiliate networks

What you should know about YouTube Gaming Service

YouTube Gaming is a service that automatically collects all gaming-related videos as well as livestream on individual pages for more than 25,000 different games. This could be highly beneficial for the best affiliate marketing sites, if they know how to work this in their favor. The service also provides users with personalized recommendations based on the pages and channels they follow.

In addition to this, google wants to make it easier for people to livestream games on YouTube. A new page provides a streamlined process to start streaming at a personal URL. Very user-oriented, indeed!

The best affiliate marketing sites, Google and Amazon

The gaming industry is a very productive one, all the best affiliate marketing sites know this. That’s why they work in this niche! The gaming industry is catching the eye of a giant, Google, who thinks of YouTube Gaming as a platform focused more on gamers and gaming videos. The company’s main competitor, Amazon-owned twitch, is the leader in livestreaming gaming content. This certainly isn’t new information to the best affiliate marketing sites that deal in gaming, as they know every important aspect that involves the niche they activate in.

Amazon bought twitch one year ago, following initial reports saying that Google was interested in acquiring the livestreaming website. It was later reported that google backed down over the potential antitrust concerns that the deal would have raised. The senior vice president of marketing for Twitch, Matthew DiPietro, said: “The opportunity in gaming video is enormous, and others have clearly taken notice. We are dedicated to being the best social, global, multi-screen video platform for gamers, period”.

In conclusion

This user-oriented service can become very useful for the best affiliate marketing sites if they will know how to work it in their favor. All it takes is some research and a plan about how to integrate YouTube gaming in their affiliate marketing strategy. It’s still a new service and there aren’t plenty of statistics and information about it, but time will reveal all the strong points and also its weaknesses. In order to success at what you do, as a gaming affiliate, you should be willing to reach out to people in other ways than the conventional ones. YouTube gaming can generate lots of leads for the affiliates that work in this specific niche, as the service is… gaming oriented! Game on!