Learn from the experts: How to generate more traffic for your website

Generating traffic for your website is one of your main concerns when you activate in an online business. When you have lots of visitors coming to your site, your product or services have more visibility and the chances of generating leads are, automatically, higher. Ask anyone who owns a website and they’ll tell you that it feels amazing to have a highly accessed website. But in order to achieve that level of popularity a great amount of work needs to be done. The top affiliate marketing sites practice a combination of both free and paid methods to gain visitors and keep them coming back. Great news! The experts in generating huge traffic are willing to share some of their “secrets”. See what they have to say:

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While all of the best affiliate marketing sites rely on a strategy which is based on the fact that the content is the secret weapon for generating more leads, there are other traffic-generator weapons.

How to generate more traffic for your website

  • A good method is to be an active presence in the places where your target audience hangs out while on the internet, says Stuart Walker from NicheHacks. In order to do so, make sure you know exactly who your target audience is and what habits it has when it comes to their online presence. More specific, where they spend their online time. Once you know that, be a constant presence in that place;
  • Robbie Richards follows a simple recipe for generating a huge amount of traffic: he finds proven content, improves it and promotes it intensely;
  • Some of the top affiliate marketing sites do this to attract visitors: they don’t market to their target audience, but to the people that influence them. A method backed up by Adam Connell of BloggingWizard, this implies that you should simply link the influencers in a post or article and tell them about it. We all have a soft spot for compliments and chances are high that we will share a positive review that’s concerning us personally;
  • Another great strategy is to use a small number of channels at a time. For example: SEO, PR, Advertising, Content marketing etc. This is done to find out what channel is the most profitable for your product or service. Study your analytics, see what worked for you in the past and stick to that, says Andrea Loubier of GetMailBird. If you don’t get a good ROI by using a certain channel, simply exclude it from your strategy and move on to another. The faster you do this, the faster you’ll understand what’s the best method for you and the results will come;
  • Having respectable and established figures contributing to your website is a great method to attract more traffic. The best affiliate marketing sites never underestimate the power of a guest post on your blog or website. This method is backed up by Leigh Louey-Gung of VisionSyste and many many others;
  • The visual impact plays a huge role in generating a good amount of traffic! For each article you post, make sure you have a photo that can play a double role: 1. To be interesting on its own, so that people will want to share it with their friends and boom, more people will access that specific page; 2. To arouse curiosity so that people will click it through more frequently to the actual post in your site;
  • Organizing giveaways or offering free options is always a good way to capture people’s attention. Joseph Ho uses Facebook ads to drive targeted traffic to his active offers, gathering traffic and subscribers this way. Also using Kingsumo plugin to run the giveaway will gain viral traffic when the visitor shares the giveaway on social media channels;
  • Hire a person whose sole responsibility is to set up accounts and find niche communities to post on. It’s a great way share your message and increase inbound traffic from around the internet, says Cody McLain from MindHack;
  • Just be proactive! Carol Amato came to the conclusion that the most successful people on earth don’t just sit around and wait for things to happen. They make it happen!
  • Benjamin Beck swears by Reddit! He says that this is one of the most active websites in the world and there you can find a sub-reddit section for almost anything. Once you find what you want on the website, you can attract lots of traffic to your website.

A final note

Trying to attract more traffic to your website may seem like a complicated job to do, but when experts give you their input, things become clearer. Remember that these are proven methods used by the top affiliate marketing sites, so the only thing that you need to do is to use the ones that fit you the most.