Learn Google AdWords without getting certified

Knowing how to work with Google AdWords is beneficial for everyone who works as an affiliate. But not everyone is willing to invest its efforts and time in getting an AdWords certification. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways in which you can learn AdWords without getting certified! The affiliates can see this as a great opportunity to learn affiliate marketing because Google’s AW is very helpful in their activity. Here’s how you can learn a lot, without getting certified.

online marketing secrets learn google adwords without getting certified

Essential AdWords Courses provided by Google

Probably the best way to learn AdWords is to go straight to the source, in this case, Google itself. The website’s learning resources are among the best out there! The Essential AdWords Courses should be the first destination for anyone who wants to learn how to turn its goals into an online marketing campaign. Also, anyone who is interested to learn affiliate marketing can take a look at these basic courses. There are a lot of things to discover! For example: you can learn how to build your online marketing plan, how to start running your campaign and how to track and improve your results. This is the best course that a beginner can take, but for those who are more familiar with how AdWords works it can be a great way to refresh their memory before moving on to more in-depth material.

PPC University’s WordStream

Even if you gone through Google’s Digital Marketing 101 and 102 courses, don’t pass the opportunity to check out PPC’s 101. It’s a place where you can find lessons on core PPC concepts such as CTR, CPA, conversion rate optimization, in-depth guides on ad text, Quality Score and account structure. It’s also a great way to learn affiliate marketing useful tips for your site! Moving on to the PPC 102 and Advanced PPC, these modules cover a wide range of topics you’ll need to understand if you aim to be a search professional. In a quick overview, this is what you can learn from PPC 102: all about negative keywords and keyword match types, how to optimize ad text and make use of extensions, landing page optimization, the importance of A/B testing etc.

The ultimate guide to Google AdWords 4th edition

This may be a bit shocking to you! How about you learn affiliate marketing and Google AdWords from an actual book?! It may be ironical to learn digital stuff from a printed book, but this is definitely worthy it! Renowned by AdWords expert Perry Marshall’s landmark book, The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords (4th Edition), this is essential for newcomers. Although it does not provide detailed walkthroughs of specific features or too many images of the AdWords interface, it does describe in details a wealth of strategies and techniques behind successful advertising campaigns. Basically, this book will teach you how to take your AdWords campaigns from “good” to “great”.

Wrapping AdWords up

These resources should be more than enough if you want to enter the AdWords world. Although these courses are packed with information, keep in mind that it’s virtually impossible for any site or book to be able to answer all your questions! Still, these courses are highly informative for those of you who want to want to learn AdWords without getting a certification and also, to learn affiliate marketing upscale strategies. Good luck!