Link farms: Good or bad?

Link Farms

Either you’re a newbie affiliate in the challenging and impressive SEO world or an experienced blogger, keeping up a good page rank for your online business can sometimes feel like an overwhelming process. And since no one wants to be penalized by the “Google Police” team, we chose for this week’s topic a disputed search engine optimization technique, so we can clear out the questions some of you have been asking us: Are link farms good or bad?

What is a link farm?

Link farms have been around for over 10 years so we’re sure you’ve all landed on some pages which have as content just a lot of random and unrelated hyperlinks to other sites. Some of these groups of sites work manually, but most of them use softwares and other services that automatically generate hyperlinks. Basically, link farms are supposed to be used when someone wants to increase the number of incoming links for his site over a short period of time, thus helping it rank higher in the search engines.

Are link farms good or bad?

It might sound like something tempting to try out for your own business, especially if you’re just starting out and looking for exposure, but it’s best to know all the sides of the story in order to make a wise decision.

disadvantages of link farmsGoogle WebSpam Team and most of the search engines out there can easily detect SEO “schemes” like link farms, since they’re checking for patterns between the domain registrations, the hosting, IPs etc., among other criteria. Therefore, to go unnoticed, you would have to invest time, resources and creativity into camouflaging those backlinks and finding the right way to make it work. But why would you spend precious time doing something like this when there’s no guarantee it will work on a long term?

disadvantages of link farmsAnother argument that you should most definitely take into consideration is the paid and reciprocal link exchanges some link farms ask for. In fact, you will have to spend your money to get your site on these lists next to hundreds of others, or link back to them from your own site. Indeed, it may get the job done eventually, but this kind of sites are known to be on the search engines’ “red list” and they easily get shut down, leaving you with no more than a wasted investment and links to non-existing sites.

disadvantages of link farmsBesides, if you take a good look at the Periodic Table of SEO infographic below, more precisely at the “Content” factor list, you will see that one of the main violations that can lead to ranking penalties is the thin, shallow or even missing content. And as we’ve mentioned in the beginning, this is one of the main ways that link farms get their traffic from.

SEO periodical table


advantages of link farmsOn the other hand, if you’re the impatient type, you will appreciate the benefits of this kind of links because if your link building process is wisely done, it can get you right in the top results in just a few weeks, rather than months. Not to mention the insanely small investment you will have to make, in terms of time and money. Compared to the expensive services of a professional SEO company, hiring someone for $50-200 to create “the farm” for you sounds like a bargain!

We recommend you spare a few minutes and watch this 8 minutes explanatory video on how the Google Search Engine really works. You’ll have a better understanding of how the old-fashioned way of discovering new sites and content used to work and how it became obsolete, due to its lack of efficiency, as well as a comparison to the new methods, which allow a quicker ranking:

Alternatives for increasing your site’s ranking

There are many ways to do it, and even though they take more time, it’s the safe and effective way to go when having to deal with search engines!

  • Needless to say the quality of the content you create is your starting point. And if it’s really interesting, it can motivate people to share on social networks and create that buzz everybody wants for their sites. If your site is bingo oriented, then you should focus on writing about topics or tips that your bingo readers are interested in. Same goes for all your Casino content. If you carefully write the content of all your pages, you could rank your Casino site as high as the top!
  • Get trustworthy and respected sites’ links. As long as they’re relevant to your business and in the same market, the keywords they use for this process will also help you raise your ranking.
  • Be meticulous when it comes to HTML and keywords. Work your way through all your pages that lack META descriptions, keywords and titles and you’ll see the results in no time. This is the kind of SEO that Google Search would love to show off in its top results!

The key tip with search engine optimization is to constantly improve and update your site! It’s a never ending process if you want to get up there (and stay there, preferably) you need to have a creative mind set and to be open to all the new ideas around you! And whether SEO experts and experienced webmasters are in favor or against link farms, it’s up to you to see what works best for your online business. As long as you have thought it through and set some realistic expectations and goals for your site’s optimization, you’ll have the recipe for success!

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