Long tail keywords – how to use them correctly

SEO works with single word keywords, concept keywords and long tail keywords. The long tail keywords have been an important part of optimization, ever since keywords have existed in the first place. As the affiliate marketing for dummies books may have taught you, single word and concept keywords are too short. There is a lot of competition and, nowadays, there are few people that search for a single word on Google. The long tail keyword adds data and places the keyword into a contextual search, which is what people are actually interested in. The name “long tail” comes from the way the search volume tapers off when graphed. Let’s see how to use long tail SEO on your affiliate blog!

The future of SEO and the wealthy affiliates

Long tail keyword 2.0

Long tail is slowly, but steadily, changing and becoming more important than ever for all of those who are using it. The newest trend involving the long tail keyword is the semantic search. You won’t find this information in the affiliate marketing for dummies books, but we’re happy to provide all the data you need! The semantic search is more of a real question: “Where do I find the best online casino games?”. By placing a question into Google, you’ll get a real answer. This is a brand new feature that wasn’t available in the past. Google and other search engines relied on individual keywords to figure out what content the search was all about. These days, Google is finding ways to process semantic questions. This is making Google search easier to use for anyone!

Latent Semantic Indexing

As the affiliate marketing for dummies books would explain it, the Latent Semantic Indexing is the way engines figure out what your content is about. It is the same reason why you can’t just use one keyword in a piece of unrelated content and get the content to rank for that keyword. Basically, the LSI is the examination of a piece of content to extrapolate what the content is all about. This also means that, in today’s world, keyword density is not really useful in searches. In the past, when things were simpler, Google determined the topic of a piece of content by what keywords were used most often. It’s also what you’ve been reading in the affiliate marketing for dummies books. The LSI now used by Google is changing up the whole SEO keyword density game!

Bottom line

What’s more important than all of these combined? Having good content! Posting great quality texts on your affiliate blog is more important to Google than using specific keyword phrases or keyword densities. It’s exactly what any affiliate marketing for dummies book would say about affiliate content and SEO. Keywords will be forever important because everything you write and post is by necessity going to have keywords, but without good content, it’s all in vain.