More than half of video ads are not viewable! How can you change that?

Videos may become the true stars of the internet in the next three years. To support the previous statement, we’ll give you numbers: Videos are expected to account for 79% of all internet traffic in the following years, with businesses expected to spend about $13 billion on video marketing by 2018. Those numbers are impressive even for a wealthy affiliate! But wait, there’s more to it!

How a wealthy affiliate uses video marketing

A bad news and a good news

Even though the videos are the golden child of the future, only 53% of video ads are actually viewable on desktop. Considering the industry we’re dealing with, the number is very low. On the bright side, 83% of video ads can be viewed on the mobile web.

How can you pay for something that’s not visible?

Considering the fact that ads are paid, it seems unfair to pay for a service and not get the promised features. So, how can a paid video ad not be viewable from desktop? We know that even if you have an established blog or site and are considered to be a wealthy affiliate, you are interested in the explanation. To answer the previous question we’ll start with the definition of the word “viewable”, which Google says it is “a minimum of 50 percent of the ad is in view for a minimum of 2 seconds.” This is the IAB/MRC standard, which Google supports.

Even though an ad is active and playing in your browser, it doesn’t mean that you can actually see it. This happens because you scrolled past it in less than two seconds, you are looking at another tab or at another area of the screen. This sounds bad for everyone who pays to promote video ads, maybe even more for a wealthy affiliate who feels like he’s losing money by investing in a paid service that doesn’t provide what it promises.

The main concern that arises is what happens with the “Active View” feature which is a “viewable impression measurement technology” provided by Google. This feature is able to track and report what parts of a webpage are actually viewable and for how much time. This is something that allows the advertiser to know that the ad he or she paid for was actually seen by a real visitor.

How can you know if your video ad is seen?

The best way to be sure that your ad was seen is by holding the user’s attention, says Google. The audience likes videos that have more story to them than sales-pitch. This is a tendency both on advertiser’s and on the viewer’s part. A good technique to attract viewers, and any wealthy affiliate can vouch for this, is to use the word “video” in email subjects. By doing so, the open rate will grow with 19%, the CTR will reach 65% and unsubscribing will decrease to 26%.

Wrapping things up

Video marketing is definitely worth investing in because the benefits are considerably higher than the downfalls. And because sometimes numbers speak louder than words, know that 33% of tablet owners watch one hour of video per day on their device. Also, 52% of marketing pros say that video marketing is the type of content with the best ROI (Return of Investment).

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