Over-optimization can hurt your rankings

You can easily fall victim to over-optimizing your affiliate site without realizing it. Even the handlers of the best affiliate marketing sites feel that they aren’t over-optimizing their website as long as they aren’t stuffing keywords into every field on their site. We will explain what over-optimization means and how you can avoid it. After all, excess is never good, in any aspect and form of it!

What content should the top affiliate networks have?

Common forms of over-optimization

This is a list of the most common forms of over-optimization. You may find these mistakes even on some of the best affiliate marketing sites:

  • A large number of pages on the site that go out of their way to cover topics tertiary or completely unrelated to the main focus of the website;
  • Every link you can control, including most or all internal links, use keyword-rich anchor text;
  • An excessive number of positive reviews or only good feedback, with no negative or even neutral opinions;
  • No links on or off site that point to deep pages; they all point to navigation, category or home pages;
  • Too many keywords in the website’s footer. Even some of the best affiliate marketing sites make this mistake!


The A/B testing is essential in marketing and, also, in affiliate marketing. You basically test several landing pages, different ad copies or newsletter formats. The problem arises when you get tunnel vision in the changes you’re about to make. It’s something that’s called creating blinders. When you test different landing pages and you find that one performs far better than the rest. You take that page and you start testing different parts of that page. After that, you optimize it as much as you can. And you keep on going, hoping to become one of the best affiliate marketing sites. And so you move on to the next phase, where you end up encountering diminishing returns for these changes. Where before, changing your image might have increased conversion rates by 3-5%, now the image variations only show differences in the decimals of a single percent. Changing the shade of your CTA button might not have an appreciable effect.

At this point, the smart move is to either test entirely new layouts and formats for your landing page, or to leave the landing page alone and work on optimizing your SEO, your ads, your homepage, your blog or some other aspect of your sales funnel.


If we’re talking about the honesty of the reviews you have, keep in mind that angry people are far more likely to post about their anger than happy people are to comment about their happiness. The simple solution to escape the trap of over-optimized reviews is to ask for positive reviews from your satisfied customers. You can do this simply by sending out a follow-up message after they have purchased your service. Easy-pie!

In conclusion

Remember that anything that’s over the top will eventually be exposed. The true value of something will always prevail! By trying to out-do something in general, you’re making exposing yourself to being found out and suffering social and economic backlash. Instead of that, concentrate on creating a brilliant affiliate blog that’s worthy of a place among the best affiliate marketing sites!