Part II: How to Choose the Right Mailing Service for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Mailing Service for Your BusinessWe have previously discussed about the numerous reasons a mailing service will benefit your business, which means we’re prepared to start talking about choosing that one ESP which will fit your email marketing needs like a glove!

Firstly, you need to start off by sketching your business’ characteristics – your database size, frequency of emailing, if you need or not any advanced features and a few other factors. Secondly, establish your budget, since we’ll go through some common pricing plans that mailing services usually work with. And thirdly, establish what you expect to achieve by the end of your first email marketing campaign using an ESP.

Identify your business’ needs

There are 5 basic questions you definitely need to answer before starting your research for mailing services:

  1. Database size: How big is your subscribers list? Are you planning to expand it significantly in the near future? If so, take that into consideration;
  2. Mailing frequency: How often do you plan to email your readers?
  3. Personalization: Are your mailers basic, with little text and a few images, or are you using more complex designs, scripts, dynamic content and other modern techniques?
  4. Segmentation: Do you email your entire database at once or do you need to segment your subscribers in different categories and send specific mailers for each?
  5. Extra features: Do you want prompt delivery, solid reporting and A/B testing options?

Pricing plans for mailing

Having this first step completed, it’s time to go through mailing services pricing plans. The main criteria for your necessary budget are mainly related to your database size as well as your mailing frequency need. Basic pricing plans can start at $2,500 and reach $20,000 or even $50,000! Having this said, here are your general options:

  1. Monthly fee:
    • based on your database size. This pricing plan suits your online business if you email often, otherwise it becomes expensive, especially if you have many subscribers;
    • based on the total number of emails sent. If you have a large database and a small mailing frequency rate, this is the best option for you;
  2. Pay as you go: This pricing plan works best for infrequently mailing, since it’s based on credits. These are used whenever you email your subscribers. Most ESP offer discounts if you buy more credits at once, so look for some good deals;
  3. Per message + per recipient: This makes it much more expensive than other services if you have less than a few hundred recipients per message.

We’re starting to have a pretty clear image of the right mailing service for your affiliate business, aren’t we?

The Best Mailing Service

The last piece of this puzzle that remains to be solved is sorting out your expectations and goals. Also, try asking about their private IP policy, delivery infrastructure and customer support. It’s best to know as many details as possible before making an objective choice!

There are a few really great mailing services out there; we’ve worked with some of them, while others have been recommended to us by our clients. But the ESP we most definitely recommend is 1nMan agency, which happens to be very specialized on the gambling industry, having an impressive database of gamblers they keep in touch with!

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We always appreciate it when our affiliates email us asking for tips and with recent online marketing questions they’re been having, and we do our best to answer all in time!

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