Resolutions you should make to increase site conversions

A sure way to become a wealthy affiliate is to increase your affiliate site conversions! Turning visitors into loyal customers is now easier than ever thanks to the numerous opportunities that affiliate marketing has to offer. Don’t be overwhelmed by the possibilities, instead, learn how to use them to your advantage! To simplify that process for you, here are some resolutions you should make to increase your affiliate site conversions!

Learn affiliate marketing and learn how to use analytics

Affiliate site revamping

First thing’s first, before making minor changes to your affiliate site, decide whether you need to make a drastic redesign to resolve issues users might be having and to optimize your site. It’s what all the wealthy affiliates do before changing the face of their websites. Don’t be afraid to experiment, because a change is always good!

Better mobile usability

No question about it, your affiliate site should be optimized for mobile use, so it can be accessed from a smartphone or tablet. Every single one of the wealthy affiliate sites out there is mobile optimized. Remember that the screens and layouts of phones and tablets aren’t the same as computers, and you can easily miss out on opportunities to make a conversion if visitors aren’t able to easily navigate on your site. Also, use mobile analytics to improve the user experience.

From testing to a conversion strategy

Instead of focusing on how well your cloud help desk site works, you’ll be better off recognizing when testing your affiliate site can be quite bad for you and concentrating on ways to improve your profits and utilizing more flexible testing tools. But as every wealthy affiliate knows, testing your site and optimizing your site aren’t the same thing!

The right personalization

If you have your mind set to personalize your user experience, do it the right way. It may be shocking to you, but only roughly 25% of businesses are actually utilizing site personalization! As all the wealthy affiliates know, personalization is one of the most effective and least expensive ways to start improving your affiliate site conversion rate this year and every year afterwards!

Wrapping things up

It’s also important that whenever your customers interact with your company, no matter if we’re talking about social media, email, mobile site or an app, the general experience should be the same – flawless! They should automatically know they’re dealing with your brand, no matter on what kind of platform they decide to interact with you! Make the experience easy and convenient for them!