SEO Predictions for 2016

SEO is an important part of an affiliate’s work! Just like any other activity, SEO is a practice that’s permanently evolving. The biggest predictions for SEO’s future can be found in this article. Read them, apply them when the time is right and bookmark this article because you’ll be reading it all year. Even the wealthy affiliates should take a look at these predictions, because SEO is important in their work.

The future of SEO and the wealthy affiliates

Voice search

Apple’s Siri, Google’s Now and Windows’s Cortana are some of the biggest players in the future of SEO! When someone is doing a text-based search, that person usually types “Where can I find x thing”. With voice search, you have to say “Where is the best x thing?”. You should think about how you began your search: by opening the search box by touch or by prompting the assistant by voice? Every affiliate should know that the voice search is marked by the use of the following questions: Who, What, Why, Where and How. These questions will define our searching patterns on mobile devices in the near future. Used in a fitting way, the answers to these questions can turn you into a wealthy affiliate!


In 2015, the mobile will be reaching its tipping point. In that moment, the majority of organic traffic and paid clicks will come from smartphones and tablets rather than from the classic desktop and laptop searches. The wealthy affiliates already know how to work the mobile searches in their favor, but what will happen starting from 2016? The general prediction is that mobile searches will surpass desktop in 2016. The most important thing that you can do is to make your site both mobile friendly and responsive to all devices. Besides that, you need to go a little further. You’ll need to have a mobile mindset for all of your website and decisions. Even the wealthy affiliates will have to think about how their content will appear on a smartphone before finalizing their website, product pages, service pages and layouts. To put this into simpler words: everything that you do has to be firstly seen from a mobile point of view!

Direct answers and structured data

The direct answers are Google’s way to show you the specific answer to your search query at the first spot on the search page. These changes were not initially designed with mobile in mind, but the requirements and restrictions of mobile search have pushed its growth. To adapt to the new changes, provide structured data for everything you can! You know those wealthy affiliate sites that get yellow stars, prices or thumbnails in their search result listing? Well, they have a structured data at work! It may sound a bit off-putting, but it’s simply a way of tagging the data in your web pages so that search engines can easily understand. It can be anything, from pricing, availability or video. This is not strictly for search engines. If you do it the right way, it will make your result much more appealing to the eye.

Wrapping things up

Site owners should start making these changes in their work. The ones who will adapt to the future’s requirements will have more visitors and will generate more leads! The future starts now!