SEO Ways To Make Money Online For Your New Internet Online Business Opportunity

Search engines are not the only way through which visitors get to your website. But I have read that most people say Google analytics for their sites show about 50 percent of visitors came from searches. The rest of their visitors came from referring sites with about 10 percent already knew their link.

Optimizing your site for search engines, therefore is very important if you want to maintain a steady flow of visitors to your site. In this article we will discuss how seo can influence ways to make money online for your new online business opportunity.

1. Maximize Searchability Through Good Content
Match your business goals to the goals of your anticipated reader. If your site is about dogs, show pictures, describe their habits and why they are called a man’s best friend. If you think your reader would want more information than you can provide on your webpage, create a page with links to other relevant sites.

If your content is good, well respected sites in your field will not only be willing to link to your site, they will want to as it adds value to their site. Similarly if your site is on some online business opportunity that you wish to promote, your content is important and forms the backbone of your entire work at home business.

2. Optimize Your Website For Your Online Business Opportunity
Before you begin thinking of ways to make money online, you will need firstly to optimize your website. Your landing page should contain hundreds of key phrase variances people use in their searches and over time, these keyword phrases also increase in number.

It has been thought by many SEO experts that meta description now does not add much value as before and some search engines especially Google ignores it at the moment. So what I do recommend is although you don’t have to remove your meta description, do not get overly anxious to cramp all your keywords here. Instead, put more time and effort into optimizing your website with all the relevant keywords for your online business opportunity.

3. Internal Linking Can Benefit Your Online Business Opportunity
To do well in SEO, not only must you get links containing your main keywords in the anchor text, from other websites, you should also link to other web pages within your own website, using your main keywords in the anchor text.

Internal linking refers to linking your home page to your other pages within your website. What you need to do is use your main keyword in the anchor text and create a link pointing to your internal webpage. This is something you can easily do to get better search engine ranking for your online business opportunity and you will be surprised that not many marketers are practicing this nor aware of the benefits. This is because many marketers still work without a marketing plan and concentrate entirely on ways to make money online.

The two most important things to consider is how you anchor your internal links and what phrases you use to link. It is a good thing to link your pages together and you can also make use of a footer by linking to all your most important pages using the appropriate anchor text keyword phrase. You should avoid using words like “click here” as the anchor text does not help you or your online business opportunity at all.

Your business marketing strategies may present you different ways of making money online, but to really succeed, you do need to focus much on SEO and link building. Good search engine optimization is not a once and done activity. It takes significant knowledge, effort and time to gain and maintain top search engine placement. Keywords are the backbone of any SEO strategy. So using the right keywords for the website is a significant key to success in any online business opportunity.

Submitted By: Peter Lee

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