She’s 8 years old and she makes $127,000 per month. How does she do it?

What if we tell you that an 8 year old girl is making a six figure check each month from her YouTube channel?! To be more precise, her channel generates around $127,777 per month in ad revenue. As unbelievable as this sounds, it’s completely true. Now leave the envy aside and see this example as an opportunity to become a wealthy affiliate yourself. Let’s see what’s Charli does to be so successful and what can you learn from her.


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How to make a six figure check from YouTube ads

CharlisCrafryKitchen is a YouTube channel specialized in broadcasting short videos of two little girls who like to bake. It’s so simple! The stars of this channel are Charli, eight, and her sister, Ashlee, five. To date, their most popular video shows kids how to make “Frozen” – themed jello popsicles. The channel has more than 100 videos and almost 300 million views! It’s also important to know that the two sisters do all their baking without the help of an adult.

Wanting to be a wealthy affiliate yourself, you surely are interested in how it all started. Turns out YouTube is a family business for these girls. Their aunt, Elise, owns a popular video channel (My Cupcake Addiction) and their grandmother has a channel called Cooking for Dogs. The first tutorial the two sisters made was done with a little help from their aunt and a borrowed room to film.

Out of the two, Charlie is the creative one, while Ashlee is more passionate about food. Their “forces” were combined and their channel was born. To be fair, their mother thinks that now they should change the channel’s name to Charli & Ashlee’s Kitchen, so that both of their names get mentioned.

What made them successful

None of the girls lacks motivation and they are always ready and willing to start filming a new baking video. The base of their huge success was about novelty. Their channel was the first-only baking show on YouTube. And as any wealthy affiliate knows, with novelty comes virality. But things didn’t happened overnight for them. In the beginning the girls took little printed cards to the shopping centre and gave them to anyone who would take them. Charli and Ashlee were excited about their “business” and wanted the whole world to know.

The channel grew quickly. A first partnership with their Aunt Elise led to other partnerships with popular YouTube channels. Their friends and family watched the videos and shared them on social media and a hit channel was created in months. “I want to make videos until I’m about 100”, says Charli. Given that the channel provides the family’s income, it’s understandable that everyone is involved in creating and promoting the videos. Having a great team to back you up is something that every wealthy affiliate has!

Be inspired by their story

Creating a YouTube Channel is accessible for anyone that’s interested. The most important thing when you start a YouTube channel, or any other business, is to create content about something you love. Be passionate about what you do and the public will see that. Also, the same passion will keep you motivated during the slower times. Yes, even the wealthy affiliates encounter such times. But the most important thing is to create good content. Your work has to be interesting so people generate the traffic and leads you want.