Simple ideas to do a better SEO in 2016

A new year brings with itself ambitious plans and resolutions. But as the first days of January pass by, the promises we made in the magic night between the years tend to be forgotten. This is the regular path of the life changing decisions made in our personal life. It’s not something that should happen to our professional goals for the next 12 months! As an affiliate, you surely made plans to thrive and excel in your activity in 2016! To make things happen, an improved SEO strategy is required for your affiliate blog or site. These are the main three ideas that the best affiliate sites are implementing into their search engine optimization plan for 2016!

The future of SEO and the wealthy affiliates

Earn links

Link building is important, but earning links tops it off in 2016! Creating or building links may be easy for experienced affiliates, but as we entered a new year, what’s more important is the overall value. Looking back, we can safely say that textual content in digital marketing performed very well. The great piece of resourceful content you created in the past should be improved this year. The best affiliate sites, and not just those, should provide the viewers with something that will stick to them for a long time. Provide something original and exclusive and people will remember you easier. The strategy is not new, but it is adapted to the new needs of the public. You can look at this as a return to the classic marketing and a way to escape the old tactic of building links.

Again, content!

We’re not going to talk, once again, about the importance of content in SEO! You’ve probably heard this line a million times before. But it’s safe to say that even the best affiliate sites with rock star content could do better! In this dynamic industry it’s hard to dominate the organic search landscape. That’s why you should carefully study your competition. There are plenty of SEO tools that can help you get a glance at what you’re “enemies” are doing in terms of search engine optimization. Using the adequate tools, you can take a closer look at your competitor’s top keywords by search volume that you do not rank for. Based on the new research, you can put together a new keyword-focused content plan.

Feels like experience

The best way to “feel” SEO is by placing yourself in your viewer’s shoes. See their behavior and understand it. The best way to become affiliate BFF with your viewers is to study Google Analytics. Some time spent on the Behavior Section of Analytics will help you see and understand common pathways that take place within your site. You can gather precious information about the popular pages and the uninterested one. Improve them both. The best affiliate sites also look for the review of the bounce rate, time on site and pages per visit. This is important because the first impression always counts. Be presentable and likable!

Wrapping things up

SEO is still going strong in 2016 and the best affiliate sites are putting a lot of importance on this. Take a leaf out of their book of success and apply these three simple ideas to your search engine optimization this year. Improvement is guaranteed!