Social Media – an updated version of SEO?

Social Media VS SEO Was SEO unseated by social media at taking hold of peak page ranking positions?

That’s a question that has crossed many casino affiliates’ minds but, hey, what do you know? According to many articles scattered all over the Internet, this question has come a bit too late.

These articles’ authors have stated that social media has changed SEO in such a manner that it cannot be described, but this change is good for SEO consultants, end-users and search engines as well.


Backlinks end?

It’s already known that SEO’s main traits are boosting page rankings and attracting visitors to those pages altogether. Nevertheless, misuse and manipulation are side effects of practices such as back linking.

But that’s the precise moment when social media comes in line. Did you even know that the shares on social platforms are much more of a viral indicator than backlinks ever were? Google might have not entirely eliminated backlinks as a ranking indicator, but it takes them into account less and less when raking a page.

Except ranking better peak positions on the authenticity chart than backlinks, social shares include many other traits that search engines are on the lookout for right from the very beginning.

Because, let’s face it! End-users won’t share content from sites that are rogue, that have bad-quality content or a slow loading speed. In comparison with backlinks, it’s less likely for social shares to be faked.

Thus, social media represents a one stop source for search engines and can offer them all the information they need.


Summing things up

One fact is for sure: SEO’s not going to die. Google’s fundamentals created especially for web publishers will always be similar to a Web 2.0 Bible.

On the other hand, SEO practitioners have to keep in mind that they should always choose the best set of practices when it comes to doing their job.

Under these circumstances, social media and its engagement are the new SEO’s tickets for a better ride. The sooner they’ll make use of them, the further they’ll travel!