Social media facts: Google indexes less than 4% of Tweets

Placing Twitter at the top of the SEO strategy is something done by almost every wealthy affiliate out there. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if Google would give the blue bird much more credit than it currently does. Turns out that Google only indexes about 3.4% of all Tweets, according to a study conducted by Stone Temple Consulting. To make things even worse, the Tweets that are actually featured on Google are the ones sent by powerful accounts; you know, the ones that have a huge number of followers. Yes, there’s a strong connection between the number of followers and Google’s index system. What does this mean for you?

The information that every wealthy affiliate needs to know about Twitter

Using Twitter as an affiliate

If the previous sentences got you scared, you must know that things are actually improving! The 3.4% is a major boost from the 0.6% indexed Tweets in 2014. If you want to crunch down some numbers, know that about 500 million Tweets are sent each day. How does a wealthy affiliate survive in this “birdy jungle”?

Firstly, the best affiliates know when the perfect time to Tweet is. You can also learn more about this if you read this article right here. The wealthy affiliates also know that the main problem is the sheer number of Tweets that are produced each passing second. To reach the 500 million mark, the users send approximately 6,000 Tweets per second. Just imagine how many Tweets were sent since you started reading this article! Yes, Google is perfectly capable of processing enormous amounts of information since it’s the biggest search engine in the world, but it seems that even this huge entity is having a hard time handling Twitter. The only possible answer why Google not that good at indexing Tweets is that the index capability is designed for a very slow rate.

How can you become a wealthy affiliate who knows how to handle Twitter matters?

Despite the low numbers you’ve seen in this article, know that Twitter still is a valuable marketing tool. The social media platform is awesome for engaging customers, whether Google is indexing or not. If you want to be a wealthy affiliate yourself, use Twitter with confidence, but don’t base your marketing strategy solely on it. The good news is that Google is on its way to figure out how to decipher the mystery of the blue bird! By doing this, Twitter will have higher number of indexed Tweets in the search queries.

In conclusion

Don’t give up on Twitter just yet! To fully convince you of Twitter’s influence on your work as an affiliate, read this article that will show you a list of 99 important SEO ranking factors (Twitter included!). Tweet away and enjoy the pleasures of being an affiliate!