Social Media stuff: How to make your customers happy again

Listening and responding to customers complaints is critical for the reputation of every affiliate! Handling the customer complaints as they come up is an important part of you overall work. The best affiliate sites know that customers are twice as likely to share a bad service experience as they are to share a positive one. When dealing with customers, you always need to keep in mind that you must serve the customer, but also your business. Here’s how you should be handling your relationship with your customers:

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Keep track

You’ve probably noticed that are some customers that are constantly complaining. These people fall under two categories: the ones that are chronic complainers and the ones that have truthfully encountered problems with the product or service you’re providing. It’s a tough job to be able to sort these complaints, but someone has to do it! The best affiliate sites use a cloud-based call center software to keep records of customers’ preferences and history to provide a consistent customer service experience. Being able to track and sort your interactions will help you make process decisions to improve the overall quality of the services you provide.

Be responsible

Customers get really upset when they’re told that the problem is their fault or when the complaint is ignored or hidden away. It is tempting to hide away an offending comment on social media channels. Don’t do that! Try to find out more about the problem and when you respond, use a language that shows you are genuinely interested in helping people. After you give a response in public, try to take the conversation offline as soon as possible. Ask for a direct contact and continue the conversation in a private environment. This is the method used by the best affiliate sites! If you follow these steps, your social media audience will appreciate the transparency and the unsatisfied customer will get the attention he or she wants.

Fast and… efficient

When a problem arises, connect with the upset customer right away. After all, this is the key to a successful online reputation: giving a quick answer. This tactic is also used by the best affiliate sites and it might be a reason why they are so successful! Read more about it in this article. If you’re on social media, try to respond within 30 minutes of their post. There is nothing worse than to wait for a response, especially when you’re upset!

Bring it all together

Living in a world where social media is used by everyone, having a good relationship with the customers is definitely something that you should work on. Make sure you understand the complaint perfectly and respond in a way that clears the air on the situation and also provides an agreeable solution. The best thing that could happen is that you will turn an unsatisfied customer into a loyal one, simply by taking the time to give a proper response. When the customer is satisfied with your overall services, he or she will place you on his list of the best affiliate sites!