Social media: tips & hints

Social media is a generic term, used to describe a group of sites, where people sign in to share stories, ideas, content and data. It is the ultimate trend of the last decade, and definitely one important tool to help increase traffic to your site.

Corporate use of social media has been there, since day one. Why? Because the more people you can appeal to, the easier your message will be heard and spread. The fact that there are, indeed, social media corporate awards and honors given to the best social media campaigns, does not come as a surprise, as social media marketing has won its place among all companies’ marketing strategies.

So, the big question is: What makes a social media strategy successful?

Social media campaigns come in all shapes and sizes, so we can safely state that every one of them is unique; however, there are some key points, which appear to be common in all of them, and must be taken into consideration.


Your campaign needs to be targeted

First and foremost, you must specify why you want to go social. If you do not have a clear idea of what you want to achieve, then this will reflect to your campaign and its results, subsequently. So, before you open your account into any social media site, you need to think:

–      Do you want to reach out to new audiences?

–      Are the purposes of your campaign informational?

–      What do you expect from your target audience?

–      What is your target audience?

–      How are you going to monetize the additional traffic you are going to create?

–      Which products will you put out there?


Stay focused on your potential

Once your goals have been set, it’s time to realize one sad, yet very true fact: Big marketing goals, such as brand awareness should not be on your list. Big companies spend tons of money and enormous amounts of time, to create brand awareness, which may come much later down the road. In other words, don’t aim higher than you can, just set targets within your reach, and we guarantee you that, if you know who you are and what you want to do in social media, almost half of your work is done.


Choose YOUR Social Media Tool wisely

There are a lot of social media channels, and trying to be on each and every one of them is not necessarily the way to go. It takes a lot of time and effort to create a successful social media campaign, so, getting your hands in every channel may have the opposite than desired results. Depending on your targets, you can start by joining Facebook or Twitter, which are the most popular social media sites. Take a look at the following interesting data, which will help you choose the tool that best suits you:


Average age: 40.5 years old

Gender: 40% Male – 60% Female

Average Time/month: 7hrs

Characteristics: Best opportunity for community building

Relationship: Friend

Interaction Types: Comment, like, share

Users: over 1 billion users worldwide


Average age: 37.3 years old

Gender: 40% Male – 60% Female

Average Time/month: 0.5hrs

Characteristics: Best tool for interacting in real-time

Relationship: Follower

Interaction Types: Re-tweet, mark as favorite, message

Users: 32% of internet users have a Twitter account

As written above, Twitter is more direct, more interactive and its purpose is to share thoughts, ideas, or news with the rest of the followers. Even though it is easier to get people to follow you, it is just as easy for them to lose their interest in your tweets. You have to keep the interesting information coming on a regular basis, check the hours during which more of your followers are online, and spread the news you want to share. 69% of Twitter users decide who to follow based on their friends’ suggestions, so if you make it to the top list of someone it is easy to get in their entourage too!

Facebook is in fact a whole more than just a regular social media site. It is a place to relax, chat or share your day with the rest of your friends. It’s like an online coffee shop! Gaming is a big part of Facebook, as well, since there are millions of applications and games you can play there.

Important Information: Here, we need to make a small, but significant pause, to talk about the new feature that Facebook will launch shortly, and can become the next big thing, in terms of search engines. It’s called Graph Search, and it is actually an internal search engine, based, in fact on keywords. But the results that come out are not as general as in any other search engine. They are relevant to the user friends’ preferences, so, for instance, if a Facebook friend of yours commented or liked a specific casino promo sometime in the past, typing promos on Graph Search, the specific promo will appear in your results. We all know the importance of SEO for an Affiliate site, so, when a different, targeted and above all NEW search engine comes along, it’s big news for our industry.

The BETA version is not available yet, however you can read more details about Graph Search here:


Find your style

You will have to determine what your communication with your audience will be like, or as they say, you have to find your voice in there. For every break down of your audience, you might have to use a different vocabulary, style, even proper product promotions. Every target group needs to be reached in a different way: experienced players vs amateurs, women vs men, Americans vs Europeans.

Generally, since social media are a meeting point for simple, everyday people, you have to engage a casual, informal style, to make an impression.


Stay online – interact

The fact that social media are an online community, where users interact with each other, makes our work and its results more direct. When going social, you have to make sure you read every comment or question posted, and, if necessary, answer in a reasonable timeframe (which, for social media cannot be more than a day). Using features such as polls and events can also become one more ace up your sleeve.


Don’t forget to check out your analytics

All social media pages have their analytics statistics included. From there, you can learn useful information about your audience, such as which posts were most popular and which offers get the audience’s attention in general, which will give you a guideline of how your posts should look like.

Different social media target on different statistics, so make sure you get a complete idea of the metrics of your account. “Trial and error” is not such a bad way to go, since you will be able to see if something new attracts traffic within a matter of hours, and change it or keep promoting it, depending on the response you get.


Keep it simple

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” said Leonardo Da Vinci, and he couldn’t be more to the point. You don’t have to embellish your content with useless information, or post every single term and condition about a bonus in your social media account. Simple quotes, stating the offer or bonus, work better. Don’t confuse your audience with tiny details, because, in the end, they may miss the whole point of the promo. Get them to your site, and there, give them all they need to know about the small letters of the promo.

Well, that’s about it. The 7 key points about social media marketing, as seen from our prospective and experience. After all, Revenue Giants has been in the online market for so long, that we can proudly say we have tried and used almost all social media channels there are. In terms of social networking, we choose twitter, due to the direct interaction it offers, as well as its informative character. Do take the time to follow us on twitter (@RevenueGiants), and get your hands on the latest affiliate news, promos, games, casino offers and marketing techniques directly from the source!

Social media are everywhere, and with the use of smartphones and tablets, social media traffic increased to higher than predicted levels. So a good social marketing strategy can and will pay-off, sooner or later. Keep in mind that, as offline social groups, it takes some time for people to start trusting in you, and following your advice. It also takes time to build an audience that can convert to profitable traffic for your site. But once you do, then sky is the limit for your site! And let’s be honest, not having a Facebook page, or a twitter account, nowadays, means that you are missing all of what millions of people are into!