The art of the Call-to-Action

Have you ever wondered how the best affiliate marketing sites craft their CTA’s for great marketing success? Everything depends on the context! If you know how to shift the context of a Call-To-action, you can encourage the audience to do a certain action. You’ve probably guessed that every detail counts. No one can tell you how the ideal CTA looks like because context is the most important. Still, there are general principles that are operable on a wide range of circumstances, such as:

online marketing tips: call to action


When you’re dealing with CTA copy, the active language is more important than the passive description. The text has to be both personal and specific. This is how the best affiliate marketing sites model their CTA copy:

  • Lead with a verb. Tell exactly what the clicking button will do if it’s pressed;
  • Get specific. The CTA must tell exactly what the user will get. Avoid using just a simple “Download”.
  • Write the copy in the first person. The language should feel personal and appeal directly to a desire on the part of the user. Tests have shown that, for example, the phrase “Start my free trial” has better results than “Start your free trial”.

Size and color

The best affiliate marketing sites get so many leads because they know that the CTA action should stand out from the rest of the page, while making it clear that it’s a clickable button! You can also do this by “playing” with the designs elements like color and size. When it comes to color, the bright, active ones are more effective than grays, which may look like being inactive. This is a detail that should be tested because the click rate on a given CTA can vary dramatically depending on its color. A general rule is that the CTA performs better if it’s bigger. So size does matter, just like we say! This happens because our brain interprets the significance of page elements by their prominence, so a big CTA button will give a sense of importance.


An online offer that uses CTA should not be simply presented on its own! When an offer is positioned in the middle, between two other offers, it tends to convert at a higher rate. Just look at the best affiliate marketing sites and observe how they present their offers. The middle offer benefits from the presence of less appealing options, which can be more expensive or with fewer benefits. You can also use a highlight for the middle offer. After the audience has demonstrated a preference for the middle one, you can also label it as “the most popular” one.

A/B testing

Once you mastered the design and copy of the CTA’s, it’s time to get the testing on! The best affiliate marketing sites rely on A/B testing to know precisely what works best. The A/B testing is comparing statistical performances of two variants with only one difference. This is the only way to determine what works best for you!

In conclusion

As online marketing is permanently evolving, the best affiliate marketing sites will increasingly set themselves apart from the rest by using the Call-To-Action as an art!