The best affiliate sites know this: SEO myths you shouldn’t believe

The Search Engine Optimization techniques represent the ground of online branding, so it’s no wonder that lots of businesses rely on them to create successful marketing strategies. So far so good, but, as you may already know, you can come across a multitude of myths, tall-tales or outright lines about SEO. If you rely on these false ideas, you may encounter countless problems. The expected results fail to arise and it may be too late to turn things around. The damage has already been done and you lost time and money following a bad process. The good news is that the best affiliate sites know how to distinguish the truth from the lies and will encourage you to avoid making these mistakes. Revenue Giants is here to tell you what the most common three SEO lies are and how to avoid them.


SEO strategies that are never used by the best affiliate sites

All it takes is an optimized website

You may think that all the SEO your website needs can be handled during its design process. As long as the first text you upload to your website is well-written and optimized with the relevant keywords, all the SEO process is done. But the best affiliate sites will tell that that’s not entirely true. In order to be relevant in the searches, you need to have a well-thought SEO strategy. The website you own needs to be constantly updated with content optimized with the relevant keywords. This is a process that’s done constantly, not just once. That is if you want to be relevant and attract constant traffic to your site.

Link building and Google don’t get along

This one is quite new and common and it needs to be clarified. Even some of the best affiliate sites have started believing it. The basic idea is that, due to the recent algorithm changes, Google intentionally took action against all attempts of link building. This means that if you integrate these practices into your SEO strategy you’ll be doing a grey hat activity. This whole idea is far from the truth! A natural link is still a 100% legitimate way to add authority to your site. To have a Google-friendly website you have to earn your links instead of buying them or use spammy link building acts.

Target one big keyword and you’ll be indexed

The biggest SEO mistake you can make when you optimize your website is to focus solely on one big keyword. It’s a well-spread myth that you should pour all your content efforts targeting that one keyword that’s relevant for your activity. This mission is doomed right from the start. Unless the keyword you focus on is used exclusively by you, which is impossible, your goal will not be reached. When you ignore the highly lucrative long form keywords related to your main word, you’re missing out on much more obtainable and lucrative SEO opportunities.

The conclusion

SEO is a crucial technique for anyone who has a website. Although it’s highly used by everyone who practices online marketing, this doesn’t mean that everybody knows how to run a good Search Engine Optimization strategy. As the best affiliate sites already know, any good SEO plan is all about managing a balanced, regular, long run strategy with a relevant, smart content and well-chosen keywords.