The best methods for conversion optimization- Part 1

Every wealthy affiliate seems to have a website that is like a conversion machine while you struggle to keep your conversions afloat. You wonder how is that possible? Rest assured that true optimization is technically impossible! The secret of the most effective affiliates is that they continue to improve, test, and refine their work. In this article we will give you 5 ideas for conversion optimization that will help you improve your site:

The conversion optimization is the secret of every wealthy affiliate

Go for A/B testing

A/B testing is the best way to identify exactly what your site needs to convert and why. Maybe now your site has low conversion rates due to a failure of the design scheme, or maybe the load time of a page is too high. All of these problems are identified by a proper A/B testing. You can either use a marketing software or one that is focused on testing functionalities. Every wealthy affiliate who has huge conversion rate is using A/B testing.

One page, one conversion objective

Pick one conversion objective per page. Every single page on your website has to have a specific strategy. But you can still have multiple calls-to-action on certain key pages, such as the homepage. The recommendation is to have a primary conversion objective for each page: a subscription, a sign-up, a sale etc. This strategy will allow you to optimize the page around a single CTA and the visitors will be more responsive if they are encouraged towards a single action per page.

Hello, visitor!

If you have loyal visitors that come to your site, use a marketing software that allows you to personalize the welcoming message and greet them by their name. It’s a form of respect to your audience and anyone who is a wealthy affiliate already does this. For a first time visitor, use a source such as LinkedIn. Don’t overdo it with the personalization, or you may seem desperate. Keep it at a decent level, just enough to show your visitors that you care about them and you pay attention to what’s important.

Be clear

By displaying clear intent on your pages your chances of conversion will increase. Never confuse the visitors because you won’t get the results you want. They all should know why they ended up on a certain page and what action is required from them. Any page of a wealthy affiliate site has a clear purpose and often has a great descriptive header tag, concise text and design, all of which direct to a single call-to-action button.

Adios navigation

The simplest way to optimize your pages for conversion is to eliminate the navigation bar from each landing page. This practice is implemented by every wealthy affiliate who has great conversion rates.

Wrapping things up

These are just a few things that you can do to optimize the conversions on your site. Stick around because in the second part of this article we will give you more ideas about how to get the results you want! Click here to read part 2.