The best methods for conversion optimization- Part 2

Like we mentioned in the first part of this article (click here to read part 1), every wealthy affiliate has a highly conversions optimized site. After you read about the importance of A/B testing, the objective of a page and why is recommended to make your purpose clear, now it’s time to learn new things. This is a list of 5 new ideas that you can implement on your site to get great conversion rates.

How do wealthy affiliates handle conversion optimization

Give them proof

Nothing builds your credibility more than showing that clients were satisfied by your services. Testimonials and other social proofs will enhance the authenticity and legitimacy of your site. Look at any wealthy affiliate site and you will see a social proof feature. If it’s possible, integrate the client’s logo, photo and statistics to be more credible.

Build trust

The logos that are featured on your site are highly important because they certify your authenticity. For example, does your site include the official logo of the payment gateway you use? A wealthy affiliate site is BBB-accredited and has all of its certifications shown in the footer section. These small things matter to the visitor and are a critical factor for conversion, especially if your buyer is a savvy person. Here’s another tip: Take the necessary time to purchase and install an SSL certificate for site security. Google loves it and your visitors will feel more comfortable making purchases on your site.

Leave no room for doubt

While you may think that your landing page is built upon a case study, the visitor may have a different opinion than the one expected. When you create a landing page, take into consideration the profile of today’s visitor: always in a rush, with little patience. This is a factor that will clarify your vision about how a landing page should look like. Once you’ve eliminated ambiguity out of your landing pages, ask for an impartial opinion about how everything looks. Fresh eyes give an honest feedback and you can work upon that to improve your site.


While retargeting is not very used these days and maybe some wealthy affiliates would not even give it a second look, this tactic has all the chances to become the biggest revelation in online marketing. This may as well be the conversion optimization methodology of the future. It’s all about personalized content recommendation. If a visitor returns to your site, offer conversion opportunities, deals and content offers that are a logical progression from their previous contact with your website. By retargeting you can showcase the best and most relevant content opportunities to prospects, precisely when they need to see them.

Use a parting CTA

If a first time visitor leaves your site, chances are that she or he might not ever return. Because this may as well be a lost client, create a parting call-to-action via pop-up that can be a good way to collect any final conversion opportunities. It may seem a bit extreme, but rest assured that any wealthy affiliate would do the same to be convinced that he has played his final card with any visitor.


These ideas for conversion optimization don’t require major investments of time and resources on your behalf. Every single one of these recommendation has already been tested and scored great results with the affiliate sites. Give it a go and enjoy the results of a high conversion rate!