The best ways to promote affiliate services on your blog

Affiliate marketing is a beautiful thing! It allows you to work freely and get paid by simply promoting products or services. Of course, there are some things you can do to take everything to the next level and turn it into a win-win situation for everybody involved. Here are the best way to promote affiliate products or services used by the best affiliate marketing sites:

How to learn affiliate marketing

How-to articles

Having useful articles on your affiliate blog about how to do a certain thing are an evergreen content goldmine! Let’s say you promote online games on your blog; in this case you can tell your readers how to play a certain game or share the best tips about how to master a certain game. You can also write about special promotions offered by a gaming website, the possibilities are numerous in this case. Take it from the best affiliate marketing sites: how-to articles are forever useful to the public!


The absolute best way to promote affiliate services on your site is by simply reviewing them. Because people spend so much time online, they’ve become more pretentious and careful. They like to read about the products or services they’re thinking on purchasing. Where is the best place to read reviews about everything? The internet, of course! Writing reviews is strongly advised by the best affiliate marketing sites. It’s a simple strategy that is still highly productive. If your review article has the power to impress a reader, the possibility of that reader becoming an affiliate referrer is very strong. That being said, you should always write honest reviews, talk about the pros and cons of the product or service and give useful information in general. An honest review has a higher conversion rate that a product advertising review, remember this!

Featured posts

The featured posts are the articles that you feature on your affiliate blog’s homepage. It’s something that gathers the most attention. The best thing you can do is to write an article about the product or service you promote and place it in the featured posts section. Each time someone visits your blog and finds its content useful, he or she will look for more pieces to read. Take a look at the best affiliate marketing sites to understand how they do it. Placing a high quality content as a featured post can increase your conversion rate.

In conclusion

In case you were wondering, it’s perfectly safe to use affiliate links while using Google Adsense ads on your affiliate blog. The only rule is to don’t use an excessive amount of affiliate links in your content, because Google is not pleased about links for the sake of promotion. Check out the articles featured on the best affiliate marketing sites and you’ll see things more clearly.
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