The future of mobile content for affiliates

Everybody’s talking about mobile and its influence on marketing in general. Now that everyone knows how important it is to have a mobile friendly site, it’s time to have a fresh approach on the mobile strategy. A mobile affiliate network needs to be able to plan what’s next in mobile content, to make sure it gives its users the best possible mobile and online experience. Here is what the predictions for the mobile content are.

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Mobile is everywhere

It would be foolish for any mobile affiliate network to deny the power that the mobile has in our daily lives. The tiny device has a big influence on the way that people make their buying decisions. Over 77% of people say that their smartphone makes the feel productive and happy. The same study conducted by the Pew Research center study of American adults reveals how the respondents use their smartphone. This is important for the mobile affiliate networks that use mobile content in their marketing strategy:

  • 51% of people watch videos;
  • 74% of people use it for social networking;
  • 88% of people send or receive emails;
  • 89% of people access the internet;
  • 97% of people use text messages.

But the mobile is not the only device that people are using to get in contact or to simply access information. The general public also uses tablets, smartwatches and other various wearables.

Mobile future

Mobile devices are becoming more and more sophisticated. So should your affiliate site! Being part of a mobile affiliate network is the first step to take and after this one, make sure you publish the type of content expect. People go to other places when they stumble upon content that isn’t optimized for their mobile device and this is a behavior that isn’t going to change.

New technologies are available each days and the basic smartphone is beginning to provide capabilities and connections identical to desktops and laptops. The screen is getting bigger and the cloud-based tools allow users to escape the burden of a large download. There are hardware and storage available that match the capabilities of some laptops and processing is sometimes faster on mobile phones than it is on some laptops purchased, let’s say, one year ago! Things are moving fast in the mobile world, there’s no question about it!

Wrapping things up

As an affiliate that is providing content to viewers, you must learn how to see it through the eyes of the customer. Remember that user-generated content is more appealing and authentic than a professional one! Focus on a mobile-based strategy and use the mobile affiliate network as a prime tool to do so. May the mobile be with you!