These lame social media tactics actually work!

Sharing original posts on social media channels is quite the challenge! We all know that you can’t possibly be super-creative all the time and that, in some cases, you must settle for basic ideas. Surprisingly or not, some of the most efficient tactics for success on social media are rather questionable in matters of quality. There are plenty of affiliates, some who work with the best affiliate sites in the business, that rely on these schemes to attract traffic to their sites and there are affiliates that swear never to stoop so low. Which side should you pick? Let’s see which are the “lame” social media tactics that everyone loves to hate:

Many of the best affiliate sites use these social media tactics. Would you adhere to them?

The click-bait tactic

People, like cats, are curious by nature! No one can resist the need to find out “what happens next” or what is it that they’ll never believe. The best affiliate sites know that people crave the unexpected and they craft their posts accordingly. Once the viewer’s curiosity is piqued, the only satisfaction comes from getting the answer. The click-bait tactic relies on this and gets people to click on a certain link to satisfy their curiosity. You surely must know a lot of sites that rely on this technique. They do it often because it actually works!

The selfie tactic

Named as The Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2013, “selfie” is something done by everyone these days! Still, this type of photography has a bad rep. Many of you remember the selfie that Ellen DeGeneres took at the 2014 Oscars. That photo of her and other A-listers became the most retweeted image of all time. What affiliate wouldn’t dream of that? Some of the best affiliate sites say that they will never use a selfie in promotion purposes. But a well-placed selfie can help drive significant engagement and increase followers. The secret to a successful selfie is to find the appropriate time and place for it to occur. For many affiliates, an event with a large gathering of loyal customers is a good place to start. The power of the selfie is undeniable, if somewhat low brow!

The buying followers tactic

The worst thing that you can do on social media is to buy followers… The best affiliate sites know that they should never associate themselves with this type of practice! Anyone who knows how social media works will tell you that a purchased audience will result in a mass of fake followers. Still, there are some reports that say that spending even a small amount to gain some followers can be beneficial in the long run. The number of people following a certain brand is used to determine its credibility. While buying fake followers is not really favorable, the increased number of fans helps with authority, which can improve the ranking. But the general opinion, and the best affiliate sites support this, is that the key to social media success is to share great content consistently to build a genuine audience of followers.

In conclusion

Have you tried any of these tactics for your affiliate site? Tell us what you think and, also, what tactic, present in this article or not, worked best in your case. All the best!