Time Management Tips for Your Affiliate Business

Time Management Tips for Your Affiliate BusinessFor some of our Revenue Giants affiliates, promoting our bingo and casino clients is a part time job that brings in a reliable amount of revenue, besides their monthly fixed income. The pressure of having constant results is much lower, but so is the time available for managing this business in particular.

There’s also another significant category among our affiliates, represented by the ones that prefer working from home. For them, the affiliate business is a full time job that they need to manage as best as possible, thus being organized and efficient is more than mandatory!

So either it’s a part time job or a full time home based one, these affiliates are confronted with one of the biggest challenges in affiliate marketing: time management. And since we’re always looking for new ways to help you improve your affiliate activity, our new blog article will focus on 8 Time Management Tips that will lead your business to higher revenue and give you a great feeling of accomplishment!

1. Prepare the ground

For improving your time management, start off by tracking all your activities for one whole week. Keep a record of how you’re distributing your time and analyze your current behavior. How many hours do you spend with each of the basic, personal and work related activities? For an effective time management, you have to understand what your current routine is (if any) and start working from there.

2. Prioritize

Now that you know exactly why and where your time flies by so fast, the next step is prioritizing your tasks. Which activities are the most important and useful for your business? Do you periodically interrupt your work with checking your email, refreshing the social media accounts and taking personal phone calls? Do you get to write as much content as you’d like to for your site or keep in touch with the Affiliate Account Managers periodically? Be efficient by concentrating on what counts the most, without being distracted!

3. Set your goals

Do you want your affiliate website to reach 10.000 visitors a day? Or maybe increase the conversion rate by 10%? It’s important to know precisely what your main goal is, so you can focus your time on tasks that will lead to its fulfillment. Also, don’t forget about the SMART principle when setting your goals: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

4. Make daily schedules

Even if you’re not a fan of routine, planning and having daily schedules will help you accomplish those desired goals in a more organized way. You can make time for more research, more content writing or even more SEO tasks if these are what your affiliate business needs at the moment. Also, plan the necessary time for each activity on your schedule, do your best to respect the deadlines by ignoring distractions and you’ll go through your entire “to do” list without any problems!

5. Use tools

Using time management & productivity tools will really make a difference, saving you a lot of time and helping you focus on your work! These are just a few examples of apps you should try out:

  • Evernote, one of the best note-taking apps, can be synchronized on all your devices and it lets you quickly capture videos, images and audio;
  • Toggl tracks and analyzes the time you spend working on different tasks;
  • Mind42 is a mind map tool that helps you organize tasks and gives you a better view of what needs to be done;
  • WakeupOnStandby wakes up your system from stand-by or hibernation mode and it automatically performs scheduled tasks;
  • RescueTime gives you an amazing analysis of the time you spend daily on your computer.

6. Plan strategically

Your affiliate business needs a well-thought marketing plan as well as any other business out there. Don’t neglect the potential of a few hours a day of strategic planning for your campaigns, call-to-action web design and branding.

7. Don’t waste any hour

As Charles Darwin said, “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” Keep yourself busy with small productive tasks whenever you’re in line at a doctor’s appointment or waiting for a business meeting to start. Since internet and technology allow us to work from anywhere and synchronize all our information from laptop to mobile, you can catch up on your research, check emails, or even update your “To Do” lists.

8. Reward yourself at the end of the day

It’s an impressive achievement to follow a strict schedule every day and remaining focused on tasks that will increase your revenue. Pamper yourself when you’re in need of a lift-up! It keeps your spirit up, refills your energy and gives you a fresh start the following morning.

If there are any other time management tips you know about, please spread the knowledge and share them in the comments below with the rest of our affiliate community!

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