Tips for achieving the maximum CTR

img2CTR is the best indicator of how well your business is going, and being active in social media can definitely tip the balance in your favor. Gone are the days when Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter were used for personal purposes, these incredibly powerful means of communicating have become potential tools of gaining new customers. According to Neil Patel and his post entitled “11 tactics to get more click-throughs from Social Media”, the key to success is to organize your social posts in such a manner that you are not overwhelming the users. This means that you should focus on scheduling your posts so that they are constant and they are not perceived as annoying or exasperating. Let’s take a look at what Patel had to share about social media and the affiliate network.


Limit your posts

Apparently, posting too many times during a specific day is rather ineffective and has no positive results. When it comes to Twitter, one post per hour is more than enough, as for LinkedIn, you should never post more than once a day. Also, the frequency of Facebook posts should be limited to one every other day. Quality comes before quantity, as publishers are encouraged to focus on the most relevant content and refrain from posting every little achievement or irrelevant article. This way, the brand’s visibility will not be affected, as customers will appreciate it more.

It is all about formatting

Contrary to popular belief, Facebook is not just a virtual place where you can post everything that crosses your mind, regardless of the content or how this content is presented. Some simple guidelines have to be taken into consideration:

  • Visual aids are the most effective when it comes to engaging the customer, so always include an image in your post;
  • Everybody knows how important links are, but what we sometimes disregard is their location: they should be placed at the beginning of your tweet, so as users get the chance to click them before arriving towards the end, where there is a possibility that they will lose interest;
  • The written word is just as important as the pictures when it comes to gaining and/or preserving your current users. Patel recommends using words with a strong call-to-action, such as, you, free, retweet;
  • Hashtags may help you gain new audiences and broaden your player base.

Time is money

Pay attention to the moments of the day that users are most likely to view your posts. Capturing the maximum audience is a tricky job, as you have to stay alert and catch the most favorable moment. Patel suggests a helpful site for monitoring your peak user time: Online casinos generally have users living in different time zones, so this is perfect for targeting those users.

Long story short

Following these basic rules can bring you the results you have always wished to get. Planning ahead is very important and you shouldn’t overlook the fact that CTR is built in time, with patience and perseverance.