Twitter is now indexed in Google’s desktop search results

Good news for all the affiliates with active Twitter accounts! The tweets posted are, from now on, shown on Google’s desktop search. The feature is available for all English language users on a global level. This is the result of a partnership between Google and Twitter which has shown its first results in May, when the tweets started to be incorporated into the mobile search. From now on, the same thing will be happening on desktop. This means that everything that is posted on the Twitter accounts of the best affiliate sites will appear on a regular Google web search query. The tweets will be shown in real-time! Here are more details about this change:

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Google + Twitter = Results shown

You must know that Twitter and Google made a deal in 2009 to show tweets in search results, but that agreement was never finalized. Things are different this time around! Also, Google is not the only search engine that is showing tweets in its search results and the best affiliate sites surely must know this information: Bing has also been displaying tweets since summer 2014! Even so, the deal with Google could be instrumental in Twitter’s future. The company’s user base is still expanding, but at a slower rate than it has in the past. Twitter is also under the fire for its user retention problems and disappointing results when it comes to direct-response advertising. It’s a problem that some of the best affiliate sites have encountered while using Twitter.

The outcome

It’s quite simple to figure out what the outcome will be. More tweets will surface and when someone were to come across a tweet and feel the need to jump into the conversation, it would represent a reason for them to sign up to Twitter. This is also a good thing for all Twitter-using affiliates, as their tweets will be indexed by Google and we all know what that means! More exposure for your work, more traffic to your affiliate site and more leads generated.

Even Google said the relevancy and ranking behind these Twitter results will continue to evolve and improve as the process matures. So we’ll just have to wait and see how things will eventually turn out. Currently, there is no advertising component to showing Tweets in organic results. One thing’s for sure, the best affiliate sites that already have strong Twitter presences and post regularly on their profiles should start to see traffic gains from their tweets – or at least benefit from greater brand awareness as more people see their ongoing coverage.

Wrapping things up

The bottom line is that Google helps people search for things, while Twitter helps people find out what others are saying about those things. It’s like a match made in heaven! The best affiliate sites could take advantage of this golden union and work it in their favor. For more tips about how to use Twitter as an affiliate, read this article about when is the best time to tweet. Happy tweeting!