Use email marketing for your affiliate blog

The key to driving more users to your site is to use email marketing. Aside from putting into practice what the affiliate marketing for dummies book says, there are other methods that can help you increase your traffic and generate more leads. Most of the well-known sites have a heavy traffic flow each day by focusing on content creation, SEO and constantly engaging with their readers on forums and social media platforms. Still, a regular affiliate who owns a blog may not think much of the benefits of email marketing. This happens despite the fact that email keeps on being one of the most popular online activities.

Email marketing and the affiliate marketing for dummies book

Strategize before anything!

It’s better to think about a strategy than to have an email base and not doing anything with it. If you collect email addresses and not sending messages on a regular basis, make that clear to your viewers. Let them know that you plan to send them awesome emails, so they know you have something amazing in store for them!

Optimize the signup form

You would be amazed to know how many blogs don’t provide a signup form! This feature is easy to add to many blogs, even on the affiliate ones. It’s important to have a visible signup form, as any affiliate marketing for dummies book suggests. Also mention why they should signup, what should they expect and how often they would be receiving messages.

Provide a RSS email update

It’s hard to have a proper email cadence these days. Send too many emails and the users will be annoyed; send not enough messages and they’ll forget who you are! The solution is to provide a RSS email on your blog. Even the affiliate marketing for dummies book recommends this tool! This type of email can be sent on a recurring basis, at a specific time and day of the week and is populated with the latest posts from your website’s RSS feed or blog.

Personalized content

Email personalization is not only possible for affiliates with big budgets and teams. Anyone can do it and the affiliate marketing for dummies book recommends this practice! Once you have a demographic and preference data is easy to personalize the content of the emails you send. Read here more about the importance of analytics.

New content

If you send emails on a regular basis, you will find yourself stuck for ideas on what to send your subscribers. To resolve this, create a curated newsletter, which lists all of the latest and best content from you affiliate niche.

In conclusion

These are just a few email marketing ideas for you affiliate blog. Of course, there are many more, some of them can be found in the affiliate marketing for dummies book. Many of your site’s readers will only visit your address to read a certain post, but if they will provide you their email address, you will have the opportunity to drive them back to your site. Make their experience a pleasurable one and get the leads you want! As a bonus, in this article you can read why email marketing is better than social media in generating leads!