Use these methods and gain more Twitter followers

You noticed that Twitter is a social media channel that works for your affiliate site! Now, you want to increase the followers on your Twitter account without paying money on advertising? As all the top affiliate networks know, investing in organic growth on Twitter takes time, consistency and commitment. But the effort is worth it as you will gain more credibility and social proof. Here are some steps that will help you organically grow your Twitter account.

What content should the top affiliate networks have?


When you add people to a Twitter list, it signals to them that their tweets are valuable enough to be put in a specific category. People on your lists are likely to reciprocate by following your account. While adding users to a list manually takes time, it’s getting easier to automate the process thanks to new technology. Go to the IFTTT website and create an account or login, then connect your Twitter account. All of the top affiliate networks are using it! Now, whenever people tweet with the hashtag in your recipe, they will be automatically added to your list.

Some people will follow you right away! Send out a tweet to thank them. Connect with the others on your list with a tweet, saying that you added them to your list because you find their content valuable.

How to be popular

Twitter users want to view content they’re interested in, not the content you think is interesting. Do some research to find out which topics related to your affiliate niche are also popular on Twitter. This is a common practice done by the top affiliate networks.

To find out what’s trending, go to Twitter on your desktop. You’ll see the trending hashtags (“#”) and topics appear on the left-hand side of your page. Choose something that is suited for your affiliate work.

Thank people

The best thing you can do while you are active on social media platforms is to engage with people when they engage with you! Use the positive example of the top affiliate networks and thank a twitter user each and every time he or she engages with you!

Embed tweets into blog posts

A great method to increase the visibility of your tweets is to embed them into your blog posts. To embed a tweet into your blog, simply click the three little dots below the tweet on your Twitter desktop version. Then hit Embed Tweet to get the code.

Be consistent

Increase the frequency of your tweets, right now! You know what the top affiliate networks say: it’s better to be over-seen than under-seen! On average, there are more than 9,500 tweets posted every second!

In a tweet

It’s definitely worth to invest your time and efforts into making your Twitter account grow! No matter what method you choose to increase your brand awareness, don’t forget to have fun!