What’s the deal with legal online gambling all over the world

Although online gambling is not legal in all countries, it appears that more and more nations allow their citizens to access, in one way or another, such websites from their homes. This is great news for those involved in gaming affiliate programs. As more people have access to the websites that provide paid gaming, it means that the possibilities to develop these business are increasing exponentially.

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Countries that allow online gaming

For the sake of accuracy, a total of 60 out of the 196 countries on the planet allow their population to engage in a form of online gaming or another. This is the conclusion of a specialized study conducted in a total of 225 countries and territories. As a special mention, there are 195 recognized countries in the world, but as China has a long dispute with Taiwan, the last one is not mentioned all the time in these types of studies.

Huge potential

The rules and regulations of online games depend on the specific country we’re talking about. Even so, the market available for people involved in a gaming affiliate programs is growing. To be able to develop an online business in this domain in a certain country, you must conduct some serious research, as things are not crystal clear. Plus, even if two countries are on the same continent, or even neighbors, their laws are different.

Legal and illegal gambling

Because such an intriguing subject needs examples, here is what the world looks like when it comes to gaming and online gaming:

  • 27 countries allow land-based casinos, which are considered legal, but online gaming is completely banned.
  • A number of 32 countries give foreign operators licenses, but don’t allow the locals to run online casinos. As the situation is somehow in the grey zone, this can be considered a good thing if you’re involved in gaming affiliate programs.
  • In 39 countries, online gambling is not permitted at all. This doesn’t mean that the access to such websites is not possible, but the action of online gambling itself is illegal.
  • Here’s another interesting fact for those involved in gaming affiliate programs: In 93 countries, operating online casinos is permitted, but the licenses are not actually given. Again, these laws bring you in the grey zone, so you must pay attention if you’re interested in the market offered by one of these 93 countries.

In conclusion

It’s highly important for all those involved in gaming affiliate programs to know all about the gaming laws and regulations in different countries. Entering a new market is hard, but has huge benefits in terms of revenues and converting new players. The good news is that the legislative landscape about online gambling is constantly changing, so everything is possible! One thing’s for sure: More and more people like to play online games, but want to do it in a legal way.