Writing good casino reviews

Since there’s such a wide range of online casinos out there, players need to find complete and relevant information about each of them on your website, so they can make wise and satisfactory choices afterwards. There are some important aspects you need to take into consideration when it comes to writing appealing reviews:

Experience the casino yourself. This is how a professional affiliate shows that he’s looking out for the casinos visitors’ best interests. The touch of personal experience is very obvious in the content. One can easily notice whether you just wrote a standard review, or if your content was inspired by a personal experience. So try to make your own evaluation, based on verified information, it will make you a trustworthy source of information.

Give a critical review. After you’ve been in the player’s position, you will surely realize that the perfect casino is a myth. Therefore, showing only the positive parts is unlikely to convince anyone, but will most likely push them away, because the review won’t seem to be accurate and objective. Try making a balance of pros and cons, giving grades for each element of the casino. For instance, you can give 5 stars for the welcoming package, but only 3 stars for the game variety and so on. This is will not be perceived as a negative issue, as different players focus on different things and the best would be to offer a balance. You could also add something very specific that felt appealing to you, something unique about that particular casino.

Always keep the content up to date. Since the industry is constantly going through changes (new games are being added, the designs change, payment methods change), there are many news you need to share with your visitors, so make sure to always be informed and inform in return.

Provide detailed info. Your visitors need to find out a few key elements from your review: license and software used, when the casino was launched, the welcome bonus package, player restrictions, deposit and payment options available, game variety, special features regarding customer support (mention the main contact information and the languages available), payout percentage.

Regarding the bonuses, it’s not enough to simply mention the welcome bonuses, you also need to state the wagering requirements, game restrictions and cash-out limitations. Especially experienced visitors, especially, would not want to have any surprises after they sign-up.

When it comes to the available games, there is no need to list them all, since that would be a waste of space and time, mentioning the major types and the number of games would suffice.

Avoid using too strong sales strategies. Sometimes, less is more, so try using this strategy, instead of overwhelming your visitors. Don’t exaggerate with too many flashy bonuses, or pop-ups that could create an obvious impression of persuasion. Visitors need to get the feeling that, even though you provide the information, it’s their rational decision to make.

In the end, it would be ideal to make a short summary of everything written and you could also add a screenshot or two of some of the most attractive games.