3 successful tips from your Affiliate Manager!

3 successful tips from your Affiliate Manager!You have your new account all set up and you’re now more than ready to start your first affiliate marketing campaign. Welcome aboard then!

It is not easy to achieve good results fast, but in order to have a good chance succeeding at it, you should work closely with your Affiliate Account Manager, be meticulous with your updates, giving your readers a reason to come back again and again, and plan a good long term strategy.

We will now give you a bit of more details about each one of these tasks, as well as useful information on your affiliate marketing campaign:

1) Communicate with your Affiliate Account Manager

Good communication is a must, especially when having an experienced Account Manager who can give you the essential inspiration for our business. Moreover, his know-how from affiliate marketing and online gaming industries will give you a significant advantage and a good head-start!

So, get in touch with your assigned Account Manager as soon as you sign up, in case he hasn’t already welcomed you with a friendly message. Let him know you’re up for this new challenge! He’ll help you get started with your first tracking links and recommend you efficient marketing materials such as banners, mailers and content for some of the best converting online casino and online bingo clients out there:

  • Rich Casino is a luxurious client that provides guaranteed revenues, as it features a welcome bonus that can get up to $3333;
  • Winward Casino is a solid online casino brand, with an honorable background of 15 years and over 100 games;
  • Bingo Hall is the premier bingo site, with the best player retention of all;
  • Vic’s Bingo attracts its players with new offers by the hour;
  • Bingo Canada is entirely dedicated to the Canadian market, giving you more variety when choosing a campaign and its target audience;

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice, especially if it’s related to driving more traffic to your site or improving the click-through-rate of banners and links. After all, you both aim for the same goal, that is to bring paying customers to the clients’ sites, and increase revenue. Plus, your dedicated manager will offer assistance and walkthroughs of the platform, answering the questions you may have and showing you where to find the most accurate evaluation of your campaigns’ progress.

2) Make updates as often as possible

An affiliate’s work is a never ending process since the internet doesn’t go on holidays and it neither sleeps. Therefore, you’ll have to organize yourself, your website and your affiliate activity as a whole, so as to increase your traffic and revenue to the max!

Intriguing your visitors to come back is a must when it comes to having an up-to-date affiliate site. You can do so by constantly thinking of new content for your website and getting new materials for special promos. Another way to go is finding new ways of improving your traffic, which can be done by bringing in new special events from the online casino and online bingo sites you’re promoting.

Bingo Hall special offerRich Casino special offer

Try to follow a personalized routine that works best for you and your website and keep in touch with your Affiliate Account Manager, as well as giving the monthly newsletters the attention they deserve! Through the newsletter it will be so much easier to replace the marketing materials with new ones, display the featured campaigns on time, and add new slots games and reviews. Periodically give some exclusive promos to your readers and you’ll definitely hit the jackpot!

3) Long term planning

The last entry on our shortlist is strategic thinking. Set realistic, measurable goals for your business and work on finding the perfect niche in the industry. Also, test on multiple traffic sources and research for new ones, since, when it comes to them, the more, the better! You wouldn’t want your whole website depending on only one or two traffic sources, it is risky and it will eventually fade.

Nonetheless, build a name for yourself! Branding will add great value to your online business and it will help creating a nice community of online bingo and online casino players. Don’t settle for less – exposure, content, ranking -, but always aim for the top, especially when starting out with an affiliate marketing business in online gaming, which is ready to give you so much in terms of knowledge and revenue.

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