Become a wealthy affiliate promoting this one slots game

September, the first month of fall, is here! When the season changes, people make new wishes and plans for the months that will follow. Some dream of a new love, some want a new car while others simply wish for better times. However, you may see the beginning of the fall as an opportunity to become a wealthy affiliate. You can start planning and strategizing differently than you have in the summer season. In the spirit of this, we start the first month of fall with a recommendation that will help you generate more leads!

an online slots game 7 monkeys to help you become a wealthy affiliate


It’s all about the monkeys!

Considering the fact that BingoHall, one of Revenue Giant’s clients, has recently launched a new online slots game 7 Monkeys, you should take advantage of this opportunity in your work as an affiliate. Because people like to try new things, a new online slot game will attract and intrigue. This means that people will try the new game. So, if you know how to turn this opportunity to your favor, you can become a wealthy affiliate simply by being observant of the novelty brought by BingoHall.

The new game that entered Bingohall’s games portfolio, the “7 Monkeys”, is a video slots game that has 5 reels, 7 symbols and 7 paylines. The game’s symbols are, of course, monkeys but also 1 baboon and a group of bananas. The “7 Monkeys” offers free spin rounds and is already one of the favorite games on BingoHall! This game is voted with 5 stars by the people who played it, which means you’ll easily become a wealthy affiliate if you start to promote it – it has that much potential!

Promoting slots games fast and easy

Of course, if you have a new game that you want to introduce to your visitors, you might be wondering how to pitch it to them. There are a lot of options, but the simplest one is usually the best: just let your audience know about this new slots game. You can be sure that the ones that fancy fruit machines will give it a go because of the novelty factor and the good reviews it has.

Our recommendation is to pitch in the game making sure to state that it’s highly popular and hot. Also, in order to maximize your earnings, you should do what every wealthy affiliate does: send an email to your subscribers promoting this new game.

Want more information on the game to create that perfect sales pitch? On BingoHall’s site, you’ll find screenshots of the game that you can use to build an enticing piece of content that will convert. Also, keep in mind that you can always drop us a line and you can be sure that we’ll help you to become a wealthy affiliate by offering you all of our support and expertise.

Wrapping things up

Start the fall season with a new mentality and set your goals high for the next few months. The 7 Monkeys online slots game can help you generate more leads because it will be highly promoted. It’s a great opportunity for all the affiliates that work with Revenue Giants! Good luck!