How to fight “banner-blindness”

Having an affiliate website involves a lot research, SEO and html knowledge, but, most of all, it involves experiencing a certain level of empathy regarding the visitor. You need to always put yourself in the place of a casino player, for instance, as if you were the one searching for an online casino at which to play, and then ask yourself: what’s appealing on a site? What convinces you? What intrigues you and what makes you click?

The latest danger in online advertising has become the over-use of ads, triggering “banner blindness”. It not only affects the loading speed of your website, but it can also cause the visitor to consciously or subconsciously ignore the banners and ads altogether. Without implying that one should simply stop using banners, it would be wise to make advertising a little more complex than that. Your efforts to understand the process need to be directly proportional to your revenue, which is why you can’t rely on one tool alone; you need to make it professional.

Some people choose to just throw an enormous number of banners on their website, promoting several different brands. You need to look for something more than just visual impact, because the effect can be temporary, if you are searching for long term visitors. So, what you need to take into consideration is that having too many banners will make it look as if you are not choosing the websites you want to promote carefully enough. It is important to care more about the quality of the information you provide rather than the quantity of the brands you select. That is the reason why you could consider a more complex appearance for you website, using the following tools:

  1. The Page Peel. It’s an appealing element that helps you wisely use the space and to also emphasize a special offer or a new product. You can consider the “peel” you see in the right hand/left hand corner of the site, as a smart way to intrigue your visitors, an alternative or an addition to a regular banner. The Page Peel can be used to add a drop of style to your site and as way to focus the attention. You can find more information about page peels and also see how it looks, by visiting:
  2. Status bar alerts. This is a quite innovative and discrete manner of drawing the attention of your visitors. In place of the usual information bar, such as one that displays a plug-in notification, or an alert that the page is trying to open a pop up, you can place a message like: “Claim now $30 free at Vic’s Bingo”. The position of the bar usually catches the eye, since it’s usually a notification of relevant information.
  3. Use buttons. If you have a well structured website, with reviews and lists of promotions (which is highly recommended), you can use buttons that don’t require a lot of space and are very practical. For instance, you can make a list of the top bonuses and put a “play now” button next to each brand name, with your tracking link embedded, of course.
  4. Testimonials. Story-telling has been, since the beginning of advertising, a great manner of gaining trust and of raising awareness, we can notice it in ad campaigns for huge brands, and it can work for your affiliate website as well. A testimonial from players that have tried a certain casino game, or even sharing your own personal experience, makes your website trustworthy and helps a new player to find what he’s searching for.